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... Lancelot didn't come back the way he did. It might have been Morgana's plan, but somehow (insert plot device here), it didn't work out that way. Instead, Lancelot is brought back body, soul and memories intact, and once the whole wtaf??? moment has passed and he's dried off from the lake, he realises a) that he's pretty much at Morgana's mercy, being still weak and trapped in her house, and b) that Morgana, for some reason, thinks that he doesn't have his memories (or isn't quite himself) and that he's a mindless, faithful slave of hers.

This worries Lancelot. A lot. The news that Arthur and Gwen are about to get married doesn't make his heart leap with joy either, if he's perfectly honest. He pretends to himself that it does, though. Stiff upper lip of the loyal knight and all that.

So, first thing that Lancelot does when he's set free (or sent on his dastardly mission to Camelot, if you're Morgana) is sneak into Camelot and find Merlin. Who is overjoyed. But also worried when Lancelot explains where he's been and that Morgana apparently thinks he's some sort of evil twin of himself. He isn't, is he? Can Merlin somehow check this with his nifty magic?

Said and done, Merlin digs out the spell with Gaius's help and behold! Lancelot is a-ok! Joy all around! Time to tell the others! Except Arthur is really busy with the whole wedding thing, and Lancelot doesn't want to be a bother (and is secretly scared of seeing Gwen again), yada yada yada, so they agree that they will wait until after the wedding. (Though Gwaine might find out. Gwaine always finds out.)

Cue wedding day. Resplendent couple etc. etc. And in the middle of the festivities, Lancelot is somehow outed, which leads to much shock and impromptu Important Meetings at the round table. Where Merlin explains that Lancelot is fine, no really, Gaius checked him out (which everyone buys, because they always do), but that Morgana has an Evil Plan (TM). Betrayed feelings and confusion all around, leading to a Big Fight between Arthur and Merlin on the subject of keeping secrets/you are always busy these days and where do I even fit in now that you're MARRIED, you great git? Which of course ends in some kind of awkward, tender moment where they Say Sweet Things But Disguise Them As Insults and goofily beam at each other.

IN THE MEANTIME, Gwen corners Lancelot, because BACK FROM THE DEAD! And didn't tell her! Blah, blah, noble knightly reasons with implied declarations of True Love. Which Gwen doesn't want anything to do with, because she's utterly fed up with people knowing what is best for her (hinting at very stressful wedding planning, with a side of Arthur and all the nobles in Camelot casually and obliviously trampling on everything she's wanted by assuming that she doesn't know the ways of royals even though she's been serving them for years.

And this is actually where the main part of the story takes off, which deals with the time AFTER the wedding, with Arthur and Gwen trying to make their fairy tale romance (with basically no real interaction) into a marriage, Gwen facing the difficulties of going from servant to queen, Lancelot realising his feelings for Gwen (or hers for him) have not gone away just because she's married now, and Merlin trying to find his own place in the whole clusterfuck. (aka complicated relationships and three-dimensional characters trying to find their way! dreams vs. reality! complicated feelings! love and friendship! loyalty and honour! also, Morgana still thinks Lancelot is her minion! Does Lancelot become a spy? Do they reveal Agraivain's sinister plots? What does this mean for everything?)

I.e. big, epic ensemble fic with Adventures and Destiny and all the issues collected for four seasons. With Merlin/Arthur and Gwen/Lancelot endgame dynamics, but nicely handled and taking lots of time to develop (absolutely no non-con bracelets around! Except possibly to fool Morgana, with a lot of nice, confused moments of "is this me/her or the bracelet talking?" :)))

Also, politics! Court! Possibly Merlin in the feather hat. Knights being awesome! \o/

Now, universe, please make this fic pop into existence. Pretty please?

Date: 2012-10-23 08:14 pm (UTC)
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i would give one million internet dollars if someone would make this happen. ONE MILLION. ALSO SEVERAL OF MY FIRSTBORN CHILDREN.

Date: 2012-10-29 08:13 am (UTC)


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