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Set out to write 1500 words of cracky, funny smut. An indeterminable amount of hours later, I have almost 7000 words of ANGST OF DOOM. Why does this happen to me with EVERY SINGLE FIC I try to write? Whyyyyy? *headdesks*

At least there is still porn?

*headdesks again*


Mar. 19th, 2010 03:20 pm
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I'm making a webpage for a customer who wants the cursor (mouse pointer) changing to an image when the user is hovering over a specific section. I have googled this to infinity and tested all the nice scripts and CSS things I found. None of them work in all browsers. Most of them don't even work outside of IE (which, huh, is a new experience for me. usually stuff works everywhere BUT IE. :))

Image is ca 100x100 by the way. I know I could do it in Flash, but if there is a non-flash solution, I'd really prefer to do that.

Anyone? *offers cookies pleadingly*
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They've changed how tags with white spaces in them (like "myfic masterlist") are displayed in the URL (used to be "myfic+masterlist", now it's "myfic%20masterlist"). This means that all my links to my masterlist from fics I've written are now null and void and that I'll have to go through every single fic I've written updating that. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
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Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

(also, the small Spyro backstory that became a prequel is now less a prequel and more a full-fledged companion piece epic, spanning over something like eleven years. I'm estimating 100k for this story alone. Gah!)

Seriously, this story is like the hydra in Hercules. Cut off one head and get three more. Or, in this case, write 1,000 words and watch the storyline expand with another 10,000...

So, those of you who betted on 200k and over for the whole verse, things are looking pretty good. :D
Also, I'm back in a love phase with this story. Thank God.


Oct. 27th, 2009 08:41 pm
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I'm stuck on the CSI AU. Again. I've lost count how many times that has happened by now. gah. This time, it's the Joncer backstory. It's just... It's almost 20,000 words and has been through so many rewrites and changes that I'm becoming kind of blind about it. I honestly don't know what works and what doesn't, how it reads and if it's even making sense anymore. And that's blocking me. So I'm thinking that I need to find another pair of eyes. Someone who can take a fresh look at it and just be brutally honest. I'm not really looking for full beta work, just someone who can read it through once and kind of note down their thoughts while they do it about what they love/hate, what doesn't make sense, when they think character X is precious/a complete asshole and so on. I need to know where it feels incomplete or choppy or just weird, so I just want someone to have a go at it with an axe and just take it to pieces. (And tell me what parts they think are good so that I don't end up putting THEM on the chopping block by mistake when I try to fix the stuff that doesn't work. lol).

Anyone who'd like to lend a hand? Preferably asap, because this is turning me into a crazy person. :-)
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Is it just me, or is Patrick reaching a Spencer Smith peak of maximum hotness at the moment? Judge for yourselves. :-DDDDD
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I--I can't even-- *dies from flail overload*

These guys are going to end up changing my OTP. It's just... I have no words. Last time I saw a look like Brendon's in this pic was a few weeks ago when one of my best friends got married. Just friends, dating or secretly married--that's pure, fucking love, people. Glad to see more of it in the world. ♥

Brendon's fucking face, you guys!

I need an icon of this right the fuck now. JFC Brendon's face again. *dies*
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I hate being sick. Being sick blows. [insert pun here, it's possible I've read a few too many transcripts of CSI in the last couple of days.] I have the plague. My head is all stuffy, my throat is all swollen, and I'm generally cranky and miserable. Blergh. Mainly been reading, sleeping and watching movies today, which has lead to the following realisations:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days needs to be revamped into a Brencer AU. Please, Brencer writers? Please, please, pretty please? (I know [ profile] reni_days already posted this, but she's right, you guys! This totally needs to happen. With Pete as Michelle. And Patrick the guy who dumps her but comes back at the end.)

The Proposal equally needs to be revamped: into a Joncer AU. Possibly a Brencer, Ryden or Spyro one would work as well, but Jon/Spencer would be kind of epically perfect. With Brendon as the pretty, sweet ex-girlfriend and Gabe as Ramon the stripper. Please?

*crossing fingers while continuing to die of the plague*

p.s. CSI-verse is now possibly 4 parts = three murder mirrors and a Ryan/Spencer prequel. Feels pretty good. Word count is getting scary though.


Aug. 30th, 2009 09:03 pm
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How can I avoid letting CSI AU turn OT3 when there is THIS? and THIS?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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How the hell is it possible for Pete Wentz to be the "face" of FOB when this is how Patrick looks. On a police camera pic

Seriously, I need those genes for my future babies. Holy shit.
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This MySpace vid where Brendon talks about how it would be cool if the band got back together in the future. You GUYS! ♥

(Also, I'm finding myself more and more intrigued by the origins of New Perspective. In this interview, Brendon says they (meaning he and Spencer I'm assuming) wrote it one and a half years ago. Timelines, boys. Don't go all JKR on me, please. :-))
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Status update on the CSI verse mirrors: I have written about 25,000 words of Ryden/Spyro backstory for the Ryden arc (which is pretty much the whole backstory, I think. Might need to polish something here and there, but essentially, that story is done) and about 6,000 words of Joncer/Spyro backstory for the Joncer arc. (Nearly no Joncer though, and the Spyro needs quite a bit more work). And I've tried to put all existing scenes from all three arcs together in a spreadsheet so that I can keep control of where they are and when everything is happening.

So, I'm guessing it's going pretty well? Except for the fact that this project is friggin' HUGE and I feel very much like the little train that needs to go over the big-ass scary mountain.


Right now, I'm pretty blocked, because I don't know where to start working. I have a pretty clear idea about what is supposed to go where and what is supposed to happen. Actually writing it is... GAH.

TBC. In the meantime, recs for fluff and porn are always appreciated. *innocent look*

\o/ !!!

Jul. 28th, 2009 12:38 am
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New Perspective, streamed from PATD Brazil

People'd better not rip this without heading over to iTunes and buy a copy. Just saying. This is SO worth buying. Holy friggin' shit!

Also, is that Patrick singing back up? *bounces up and down*
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[Standard disclaimer about this being my own opinions only, not meaning to offend anyone etc etc. Possibly with lots of soothing fluff. And with a warning about not being entirely coherent.]

How very tired I am of general hate and melodrama right now in this fandom )
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Can someone with better hearing help fill in the blanks here?
Will love you forever and ever etc.

This is what I hear when I listen:
ETA: completed! Thanks to awesome people in the comments! \o/

[FADE IN] ...that worries me

Can we fast-forward to go down on me?

Stop there and let me correct it
I want to live life from a new perspective
You come along because i love your face
And i'll admire your expensive tastes

And who cares?
Divine intervention
I want to be crazed from a new perspective
But we will never be a good idea
So get through...


Another interpretation, found here

stop there and let me correct it
i wanna live a life from a new perspective
you come along because i love your face
and i'll admire your expensive taste

and who dares? divine intervention
i wanna be praised from a new perspective
but leaving now would be a good idea

What do you guys hear?


Now let's get back to the discussion on whether this is a Brendon/Spencer lovesong. Heh.
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Yeah, so, got some sleep. Still very sad. Not mad at anyone but very sad. Especially about the fact that I've never seen all of Panic live and now never will. And very much wondering what the new "divorced parents'" (god, I love Zack) music will sound like.

The main reason Panic is my no. 1 band (aside from bandom, which does increase the love) is the complexity in both lyrics and music and how well the two fit together. I like that I can hear a Panic song 1000 times and still find it interesting, not just emotionally triggering (which is the case with e.g. FOB). I love Ryan's lyrics, but I'm not so crazy about the music Jon and Eric (and Ryan?) have been working on lately. And I love Brendon's music, but the lyrics he's turned out so far have been kind of... meh. Still, will keep hope. Maybe Spence has an undescovered poetic streak hidden away somewhere.

Oh, and Brencer shippers? I will be expecting lots and lots of happy fluff from you to cheer all the rest of us up. And everyone else should go and write bb!panic now. Ryden NRWC era, bb!spyro pre-band, bb!OT3 fooling around the practice space, bb!brendon at the smoothie hut!

Seriously, the early days are the best for fic anyway. Before all that pesky canon happened with girls butting in and people moving to California. For fic purposes, I will personally treat everything that's happened in 2009 (except MARRIED BOYFRIENDS, come on Brencer people, give me more of those forever. :-D) like I do Deathly Hollows in HP fandom, i.e. canon is stupid, I will override it with better stuff. So let's go write GSF where they all live in Brendon's house instead. :-)



ps. Holy shit, Folkin' Around! That song is kind of scarily appropriate right now.

pps. FOB had better never pull this shit. If Pete and Patrick broke up, I would seriously cry.
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[ profile] linzeestyle is corrupting me. It's not exactly her fault. I'm actually pretty sure she has no idea who I am, since my reactions to her posts and fic tend to be an even mix of Obnoxious Heart-eyed Stalker and Very Quiet Lurker Who Tries Not to Be an Obnoxious Heart-eyed Stalker.

(For those of you who haven't come across her fic, [ profile] linzeestyle is one of the best Peterick writers in fandom. Her House Lights 'verse is possibly my favourite Peterick story ever next to [ profile] reni_days's Isn't It Messed Up (How I'm Just Dying to Be Him?). Go read.)

But anyway, this girl has been going into AI lately, and she is unknowingly pulling me with her with all the cute posts and pics and recs she's putting all over her LJ. AND I DON'T WANT TO GO!!! I want to stay in Bandom fandom. No matter how absurdly cute and faily bromancy Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are. *headdesk*

I'm pretty sure it's just a crush.

I really, friggin' hope so at least; there are roughly 40 bandom fics in various states of unfinished on my hard drive right now after all.

But yes, that's why I've not been posting a lot recently. I've been YouTubeing Adam giggling on camera. *HEADDESK* Oh, and having writer's block, which sucks so much.

Also, something that's annoyed me greatly lately: why are there so many stories being posted where the Panic boys are 13-year-old girls all of a sudden? Not ACTUALLY girls, but acting like they are? This bothers me, because genderswap is a totally legit genre, and I'm happy to acknowledge it even though I stay the hell away myself (if I want to read het, there is plenty of Buffy, Friends and CSI fanfic out there). But claiming that you are writing slash when you're really writing (often bad) teen het, only with boys, is just mean. And annoying as hell. And what's even worse is that the stories are usually pretty decent (sometimes really good even) until romance/porn comes in, and then everything collapses like the universe a flan in a cupboard. Anyone have tips on how to efficiently scan and avoid this?

/end tired ramblings
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I've been reading A LOT of fic in the past couple of weeks, and it's making my fingers itch, because there is SO MUCH fic out there that has really good characters AND good plots AND manages to get both grammar and spelling right that is still really bad. And it annoys me, because a lot of the time you can sense how close the writer is to making it work, and it's making my inner beta howl in frustration.

Thoughts continued under the cut. )

So I was wondering. Would anybody be interested in a kind of beta school community type thingy? Basically getting really good betas and writers as well as newer betas and writers involved to discuss problems, give tips on what to look for, what tricks there are to go from one effect to another, how to separate general no-nos from personal pet peeves, how to give constructive criticism and so on. And maybe even do some beta exercises on a monthly basis or so, like post a piece of fic, have everyone who wants to join beta that and then discuss the results.

What do you say? Anything that would interest you? And if so, in what form? Organisation? Fomat? Other ideas?


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