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God, I love evil-and-smirky!Morgana. She is way better than frail-and-tormented!Morgana. Also, Emilia Fox, hai. I love you. Please have my children. ♥

I need Merlin icons. *runs off to fix*


Aug. 27th, 2010 11:37 am
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That is all.
Brb, polishing tinhat.

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This person wrote a program that writes Arthur/Merlin porn on its own.
There are no words for how much epic win that entails. :DDDD

Epic rec

Jun. 8th, 2010 07:05 pm
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Everyone go read [ profile] fannyt's BBB Imagine Knowing Me, aka the Hogwarts fusion of PURE AWESOME.

Seriously, you will thank me for this.
Now, go read. :D
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It's a collection of little javascript applets that you can drag to your bookmarks bar and do all sorts of magic. Like FontFriend, which lets you change fonts and sizes on any site you're browsing by just clicking in a list! It's MAGIC, I tell you! Web design just became a much easier and faster job. :DDDD
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The flailing icon is actually not a very good representative of my mood right now, but it's been the theme for most of the past week, so I thought I'd let it out to stretch its legs a little. [ profile] moku_youbi and the beautiful Muse came to visit me. Safe to say, that was pretty awesome. :)

Lots and lots of flailing about that here )


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