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One and a half months to BBB deadline. Keep your fingers crossed.

30899 / 50000 words. 62% done!
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With the way it's been all over LJ today, I'm guessing everyone and their mother have listened to TYV's set in LA by now. I must say... I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't really like Change when I first heard it, and The Other Girl even less, but there are definitely songs in this set that I wouldn't mind listening to. Probably not in the way I listen to old-school Panic or MCR or FOB (as in just lying on my bed, listening 100%), but I could totally see myself putting this on in the background when lounging on a couch with my friends, talking and drinking. (And I'm starting to think that "Take A Vacation" is probably a really fitting title for this album. If nothing else, the music is definitely chill.)

So, yeah. :) Happy. Go Ryan and Jon (and the new guys, whoever they are).

Now, please, please, dear Spencer and Brendon, give us your stuff already. Studio now. Playing with Shane and fearsome ninjas later. Please and thank you. :D
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There are no words for how much I'm enjoying writing this fic. Current wordcount: 44 700 words and I've reached October 2008 (murders happen September 2009, last scene in the Spyro as it stands now is in 2013 :))

Spoilery little teaser here )
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So, from what twitter is telling me, I'm concluding that Ryan has moved out from his (and Eric's? Did Eric ever live there?) house, said his goodbyes to his pet lizard and moved in with Jon, who got himself (and Ryan? And Cassie? Are all the three of them living together now? What's going on?) yet another cat.

It's probably a sign of my brain being permanently warped that my first three thoughts after realising this were a) LOL, Ryan Ross tackling Chicago winter, b) OMG, Jon, you really are a crazy catlady, and c) Jon/Ryan/Cassie? Um, yeah, I could read that. LOL.
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This is probably going to be quite full of unpopular opinions, so let me start by clarifying that at no point in this am I trying to 1) criticise a specific writer 2) say that certain characterisations are better than others. This is just things in my head, completely subjective in the way personal preferences always are. Everyone is entitled to like what they do, and I think that's important. We all have different tastes, and that's a good thing.

Completely subjective musings about fandom characterisation here )


Feb. 4th, 2010 08:37 am
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So it seems taking a break from your epics for a few weeks is very good for getting un-stuck on them. Am happy to report that after a couple of editorial choices both the Ryden and the Joncer backstories for CSI-verse are now pretty much finished (bar some tweaking of a scene here and there) and that the Spyro is about 2/3 there. So I guess what I mainly need to do now is to sit down and get the actual detective story done. And then somehow puzzle it together for the mirror arcs.

BBB is suddenly looking like a not-so-insane goal anymore.

On that note (apologies for having a basic account and thus not being able to do actual polls):

What CSI-story are you most excited by? (i.e. which one would you most like to see posted for BBB this year)?

a) The Ryden mirror (CSI-arc + Ryden backstory)
b) The Joncer mirror (CSI-arc + Joncer backstory)
c) The Spyro companion story (sort of a backstory + "behind the scenes" of the other ones)

Thanks in advance, guys. ♥
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Hellooo, flist. :) I need to find bb!panic pics for some art I'm making. Anyone who has any good links? The younger they look, the better. 11-year-old lookalikes would be even better. :)

Tropes \o/

Jan. 7th, 2010 01:36 pm
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Ghakked from practically everyone. Because there's nothing better than tropes. (on that note, check out TV Tropes for many hours of non-stop giggling.)

Aliens made them do it )

Also, this = love forever.

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Looking back at a year of fannish activity is pretty darn interesting. A year ago, I was writing Crossroads and just starting to think about how cool it would be to maybe write a CSI AU. :D It feels like a long time ago.


Longer things )
Commentfic-y stuff )
Porny stuff )
Funny, fluffy and cracky stuff )


Companion vids to existing fanfics )
Stand-alones )

In conclusion: 27 fics, 172,935 words. And 6 vids. Holy shit, that's a lot of fandom stuff. :D Resolution for 2010: Finish the CSI verse. And pick some of my WIPs back up. (I'm not doing an amnesty right now, because I'm a clingy person, and these stories are my babies. I might have to admit defeat on some of them at some point, but right now, I'm putting my hands over my ears and doing a LALALLALALALA kind of thing. :))

Happy 2010 everyone. ♥
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Things in fandom that have made me really happy lately:

[ profile] linzeestyle's meta posts on fanfiction in general and the AI8 fandom in particular. (seriously, go read these, they are so, so good.)

MERLIN Seriously, this is the most adorable series ever made. And SO SLASHY I can barely contain my glee. Arthur/Merlin is my new OTP forever and ever. :DDDDDDDD

Merlin fanfic. I don't think I'll be writing any anytime soon, but reading it makes me HAPPY. It's like Harry/Draco without the actual hate. Funny, hot and just charming-your-socks-off adorable, in other words. Kind of like Harry/Draco and Pete/Patrick went ahead and had an OTP baby. With Brendon/Spencer as the godparents. :DDDD
Some recs here if you want to give it a try.
Oh, and if anyone knows of a good fic that takes place in the troll episode in S2, with Arthur all sad because his dad is being mean finding Merlin in his bedroom and leading to hot comfort sex, please point me that way :)))

Okay, enough flailing. Back to work. :)
Happy New Year, everyone ♥
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And here it is! The masterlist for the Crazy Elf Wish Exchange submissions. Please check back in on this post, I'll keep updating it when more fic and art is posted (A lot more to come. And that's just the things I know people are working on :) Also, please feel free to keep playing with the wish prompts as much as you like. Getting doubles is awesome. And when you post, please crosspost a link to the original wish thread (here - if you want to get notifications of updates, please track this post.)

If you're in the mood for more Christmasy goodness once you're through here, please take a look at last year's submissions as well. There's some really good stuff in there.

Merry Christmas, everyone. And thank you so much for helping spread some Christmas joy.
Love you all to pieces. ♥

Masterlist of fulfilled wishes. Merry Christmas, everyone. :) )

Complete list of wishes here )

Ps. If you notice anything missing, please drop a note in the comments and I'll take care of it asap. Again, thanks, guys. You make my Christmas really happy. ♥
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For [ profile] emmyatthedisco, who wished for: more Rywalk snuggles, in whatever form they come
Merry Christmas. ♥

Merry Christmas )
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For [ profile] salire, who wished for: Anything domestic with ryan and brendon. oh my god, i love it when they're pretty much just married and comfortable with each other and just. guhhh boys *____*.
Merry Christmas, sweetie. ♥

Would you like some freshly ground pepper? )
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I have three WIPs going for the Christmas wish exchange (and some art that I'm planning to do). And one of them even got completed in time! \o/ (The rest will come along shortly, hope you don't mind.)

The following is for [ profile] moku_youbi in response to this wish: Spencer/Brendon where they are hitmen on opposite sides of some dispute or other, but who are sort of friends, occasionally running into one another on the job (trying to beat each other to the same target, or something) and who hang out outside of work for casual drinks and the like (they don't really have any friends or family). Then, one winter they're assigned to kill each other, but run away together, instead.

Title: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) | Brendon/Spencer | PG-13/R | one-shot | 6800 words
Summary: Kill Bill meets Pulp Fiction meets about a 1/10 or so of John Grisham’s The Firm. Spencer is a hit man, working for the Deadly Cobras. A certain Brendon Urie keeps getting in his way.
A/N: Big thanks to [ profile] salire for cheerleading and doing impromptu beta work at 4 AM. Merry Christmas, [ profile] moku_youbi. Love you to little pieces. ♥

You're too late again. )
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Still a few weeks until Christmas! Still plenty of time to drop a wish or get inspired by one at the Crazy Elf Christmas Wish Exchange! As stated in the thread, this is open for anyone who'd like to join and completely deadline and obligation-free (Goal is to have all gifts done by Christmas, but I got a gift from this exchange on January 6th this year. And one last week. lol. Still totally awesome. So, you know, drop a note or a teaser if you know you're going to be late and don't worry about it. :D)

I'll recap all wishes made in the original post here for easy reading. (And will keep updating the list for at least a week or so, if anyone wants to throw in some last minute wishes, so please keep checking in. <3) So check it out.

Seriously, check it out. There are some really AWESOME bunnies here. :) )
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Hello, everyone

So, remember this little competition-thingy? Where I kind of (drunkenly) promised myself to have finished the CSI-verse before Christmas? Yeah. Um. So that's sadly not going to happen as planned. I'm just having too much fun with it. And the Spyro prequel refuses to stop growing. I'm kind of okay with that, because I'd much rather take my time and really get everything right than post something that I'm not happy with and/or that will end up biting me in the ass later. :D I haven't forgotten about it though, I promise. I have a spreadsheet and everything to make sure that I don't.

I'm very sorry that this is taking so long. I really wish I had [ profile] moku_youbi or [ profile] reni_days's speed-writing powers. But, sadly not. I'm insanely slow. Like, 1000 words in a day slow. Hopefully, this will be worth waiting for though. And I promise to post teasers now and again. <3

In the meantime, if you're curious on knowing some stats on how things are going, clicky here. )


Dec. 12th, 2009 05:55 pm
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Queer as Folk AU. Ryan = Brian, wildly successful, highly promiscuous and pretending not to care about anything or anyone. Spencer = Michael, Brian's faithful best friend who's been following him and looking after him since they were teenagers. Brendon = Justin, the new kid who falls head over heels for Ryan and then refuses to leave him alone until he's managed to get in under all of Ryan's wires. Pete and Patrick = Emmett and Ted, the fabulous drama queen and the responsible accountant who stand by making sarcastic commentary and of course fall in love with each other in the end. And Jon = Ben, the hunky, gorgeous college professor who sweeps Spencer off his feet.

y/omgy? :DDD
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In case you haven't already seen this awesome video chat interview:

Favourite parts:

- Brendon's favourite colour is cerulean (these are the kinds of statements that make me want to ship Brencer more than I do. SO EASY. lol)
- Brendon's favourite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape. \o/
- And he likes Wolverine! like all boys should

Soes anyone know if there's a transcript of this somewhere?
Also, who is writing Snape/Brendon? Or possibly just snarky Snape&Brendon. Where Brendon joins the Order as some kind of American consult. Oh, and Harry gets jealous with Brendon sweeping in and stealing all the attention. y/y? :D
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For [ profile] ivesia19, who wished for Ryan and Brendon getting snowed in at LAX airport, having to spend a lot of time together and eventually becoming all friendly and in love again. :)

Clicky )

Please feel free to use as inspiration for writing fic. :DDD
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Ho, ho, ho, f-list!

Last year, me and some people did this wish exchange thing. Which ended up rocking a whole lot and made for a really happy Christmas. So I thought, let's do it again? And since I'm lazy, I'll just copy/paste last year's mod post. :)


So I’ve been bitten in the nose by the Christmas Fairy and feel all giddy and filled with goodwill towards the world in general and this fandom in particular, because, hey, you guys rock. :-)

So, Christmas wish exchange?
Gifties and prezzies and giggles and swooning all around?
Come on, you know you want to. ♥

Very short list of rules (because I’m not a terrible fan of rules, especially not in exchanges)

1) Think of something you would very much want to see in fic or art.
(example: “Brendon in a Santa’s hat stuffing Ryan’s stocking”)
Free interpretation, people. No silly complaining about there not being an actual stocking present or similar. Also, no wish limitations. Wish for one thing, wish for ten. Wish for any band, any pairing, any crazy crossovers with The Hogwarts Giant Squid/Pete Wentz/Cinderella threesome you can think of. Consider it the ultimate plot-bunny opportunity.

2) Post the idea in a comment to this entry.
(And if you want something specific, be really specific—example: “Brendon naked from the waist up, in black jeans and a Santa’s hat with a fluffy white ball at the end—no friggin’ glitter, dudes—putting a package wrapped in blue ribbons and silver wrapping into a green stocking that has ‘Ryan’ written on it—in Helvetica font, dammit!—and the stocking is hanging from a fireplace that has four red candles on the mantle piece.” Or, you know, just post something general and look at it as half the fun being what other people’s minds will come up with on that. :-))

3) Check the other comments and see if there’s anything there that inspires you to write/manip/draw anything.

4) Do that and post the link as a reply to the comment.
(No rules about there being only one response to each request or lots of admin pairing people up. It’s Christmas. It’s the season of spontaneous kindness and happiness over things you didn’t expect. So let’s go with that and see what we get, shall we?)

So… you guys wanna join? ♥
If you don’t, I’ll stalk your journals and make appreciation art and fic like a lost Christmas elf on speed. Just warning you now. ‘Cause there’s no stopping the Christmas elf on speed. :-D


And, just to be extra clear: everyone's welcome, and no wish is too small or too big or too silly to write down. Please take a look at the list of left over wishes from last year (about half-way down) as well. See if anything strikes your inspiration. :)

Love you guys ♥


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