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How the hell is it possible for Pete Wentz to be the "face" of FOB when this is how Patrick looks. On a police camera pic

Seriously, I need those genes for my future babies. Holy shit.
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So, my day was basically for shits. I'm bleeding to death. Always fun. Looking forward to another week of doing that.

On the other hand, Patrick Stump saying "unscathed" made my mood go up one million points, so I guess things could be worse. Or Patrick is just magic, which is what Pete I've been claiming all along.

It is quite possible that "unscathed" is now my favourite word. Try it out. All soft and sexy and shit. I want fic where people say "unscathed".


May. 11th, 2009 09:48 am
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Patrick Stump has blue eyes. It's kind of pathetic how many hours I've spent searching the internet for pics where you can actully see his eye colour (and FAILED, did I mentioned FAILED?) and then rewriting passages in fic where I wanted to make a comment on it because I didn't want to screw it up (like with blond!Spencer in A Whole New World. lol).

But yes, BLUE. Which is kind of \o/!
And here's proof.

This boy is seriously too pretty for my own good. )

In related news, I've finally gotten myself a delicious account. Username is 'Redorchids', so that's nice and easy to remember. I'm planning on tagging and rating all fic I read there, not just the good stuff, because it annoys me like crazy when I forget that I've already read something (that was bad) and go back and DO IT AGAIN. *headdesk*
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I got tagged by [ profile] afterxbirth who knows all too well that I could never resist anything that has Patrick Stump in it.

So, she gave me Patrick.
Apparently, I'm supposed to post a pic as well. Hang on...

Yesssssss, there we go. :-D

1. Do you like this person?
No, I hate him with the force of a thousand suns. He is horribly ugly and sings really badly. Nothing sexy about him at all. I definitely would not want to marry him and have his babies.

2. How do you call this person?
With a very small whistle. It totally works. Although, sometimes, I get Pete too. Weird side effect.

3. Which color do you associate with this person?
Beach glass (that really neat right-between-green-blue-grey-and-gold colour)

4. Looking at his/her character, what blood type do you think he/she has?
AB- easy question.

5. What do you want to ask this person?
If HE has a recording of FOB covering Mr Brightside on MP3, because no one else seems to have it and it's making me really sad.

6. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake hands?
Look at the pic. Do you really need to ask?

7. Pick five of your friends and pick one person for them:
I'll make you a deal and pick two, yeah?

[ profile] lolab gets Ryan Ross because we are the same person, all three of us, and I'm feeling narcissistic.
[ profile] fannyt gets Andy Hurley because she squees really adorably when he does cool things on stage.
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People ask me pretty frequently how I can spend so much time in my own head/on the internet, dabbling with "weird stuff," i.e. bandom. Today brought some really good arguments.

1) Discussing ryden sex in pccf with [ profile] lolab in about a gazillion e-mails.
2) Deciding to make vid for pccf with loads of a/m ryden sex in it.
3) Getting the most fabulous links from [ profile] afterxbirth to use for vidding said masterpiece.
4) Finding even more dirty clips with skinny, dark-haired dudes making out on YouTube.
5) Sending the best link ever to Pete Wentz in reply to his Star Wars-obsessed twitters.
6) Reading this really hot bb!spyro fic
7) Flailing over new, fabulous pictures over at [ profile] daily_patrick

flist, ily ♥
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From pete's blog just now:

patrick and i actually box stepped, old ass french blue blood style. not fox trot. damn you babymama when i need to know the name of a dance. itll be sweeter and sweeter tho cause he leads. ill try and get him to dip me or something.


OMG, people! Where is the fic! Write THE FIC!

And, Pete, get it all on tape. For realz. For the love of everything that is good and holy, GET THE DIPPING ON TAPE!!!

To help Pete out with this, I posted this link in a comment to his blog. Sexy salsa dips. Hell yeah. lol. btw, you guys all know about dipping being a symbol of sexual submission, right? because it is 100% true and I want to see pete and patrick do it! (it's similar to Colin's sexy submission yoga. to quote brendon in pccf: "total trust. kinky." :-D)
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So. [ profile] reni_days, in five minutes, managed to simultaneously save my life and take away all my free time for the coming eternity.

Short version:
(Long version is a much more fabulous chat including discussions on the pros and cons of fictional people living in your brain and you running after them with a camera in your sleep to catch the plot of your current bandom fic. :-D)

ME: I don't know how to get this shit together. Seriously, the Peterick backstory alone is 17K. And I still have three more to write! What do I cut?
RENI: Cut? Nonononono, you need to add. This story needs more Peterick.
ME: *headdesk*
RENI: Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you make a UNIVERSE of it? Write a parallel story each for Joncer and Ryden and then you can devote this story entirely to Peterick.
ME: OMG, you are insane.
RENI: AND.... right?
ME: Fuck.
RENI: \o/

Epic-16-candles-vampire-AU-universe fangirl and wannabe, here I come. Oh God.
I hate the fact that I'm already completely in love with the idea of writing three perfectly parallel stories and tying them all together in a sneaky little bow and having them referencing each other in cool ways and making THREE VERSIONS OF MY FANVID ALL TO THE SAME SONG.

Thank God I don't have to work for much longer. Especially seeing as I also have the completely fabulous Broadway-GSF-with-Ryan-in-fishnets-and-heels-AU to write with [ profile] lolab once I get down from the bb!patrick high and she finally caves and writes me hot Ryden sex, dammit! finishes PCCF.

Also, reminder: you haz links of hot wayplay porn for my peterick vid? Send them this way. Like NAO
Also totally valid for anything that has bb!patrick/someone who could be mistaken for bb!patrick naked/almost naked/being stripped/cuffed to a bed in it. :-D
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Okay, so after FOB live in London, I really don't have a chance in hell to make my BBB into anything other than a stars-of-pure-love-in-my-eyes bb!patrick lovefest. Not that I think any of you will mind. :-D

So, instead of sleeping tonight, I've been teaching myself how to stream YouTube vids, save them to my computer and convert them to .avi files. Because every self-respecting tribute-of-utter-adoration needs at least one vid to illustrate it. (Have you noted that Justin in QaF looks VERY much like a young Patrick in certain angles and lights? Sometimes, the universe is just too nice for words. :-D) If you have the links to any good clips of a) Patrick (the younger the better) b) Pete, c) Brian and Justin in QaF sexytimes where you don't really see their faces, d) The Spuffy sex clip from season six with handcuffs, e) clips of the CSI Las Vegas lab, f) clips from inside churches, preferably with a lot of candles lit, please send them over. Heh.

Oh, and if anyone has tips on how to convert .flv to .avi or .mpeg with minimal loss, I'd be super thankful for that as well. ♥
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Just got back from FOB. My feet are dead. Oh, God, so, so dead.
My heart is exceptionally happy, though. Patrick Stump still owns it. I think he's got a little bit of my soul now too.

Here be the fangirly flailings )
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Clothes, check. Concert tickets, check. Passport, check. Comfy shoes to stand in line in, check!

London, you guys! Fall Out Boy in London! Just think, in something like 24 hours, I will no longer be a concert virgin. \o/ (And I get to meet up with my friend Chris and go lindy-hopping on Saturday as well, so double the fun!)

I am so excited it's ridiculous. I don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight so I'll probably end up plotting the sexy shower scene I've decided really needs to go into my BBB. There's just not enough naked, wet patrick the way it stands now.

Other fun thing: we're doing this folk-inspired-kind-of-half-way-to-jazz type song in my choir, and the lyrics go something like this:

Oh, oh, if only it were night
And all the boys were sitting in bed
And I could lie there
And not be seen
Oh, oh, if only it were night

To which the logical and completely normal reaction is obviously O____O !!! GSF forever! ♥ !!!!

I mean, obviously.

So now, [ profile] fannyt loves and adores hates me for ruining her pretty, rose-coloured, PG-13 world view even more. And neither of us can get through that piece with a straight face anymore. (me from going all swoony from the mental pictures, fannyt for blushing too much, lol)

So, yeah. That was the good evil deed of today. Heh. :-D

O2, anyone?

Mar. 4th, 2009 12:31 am
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Less than three days until FOB in London.
Dragging my sister and [ profile] fannyt with me.
So completely excited. *bounces up and down*

Anyone else who's going to be there? :-D
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For [ profile] blindmouse who just recently really jumped on the OMG-Patrick-Stump-hot-like-burning train. We should all send her pictures as a welcome present. I'll start. :-D

Patrick Stump is hot - Exhibit 1-6. )
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O__________O !!!!!

Okay, so 1) How the hell did I miss this?
2) *inarticulate fangirl flail which might also include incontrollable laughter and some drooling* AND
3) Why can't I have Patrick Stump instead of Creepy-judgmental-lady-who-spends-20-min-trying-to-convince-me-to-have-kids-before-finally-giving-me-my-friggin-prescription??? WHY, Universe? WHY? *cries* !


Also, there are not enough hearts on EARTH for how insanely amazing Patrick is.
Yes, I'm flailing from here to Madagascar and back. So sue me. :-D
Or, you know, join. :-D
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Okay, I need help from you canon-savvy folks out there. I need Patrick's parents' names for my bigbang fic. Because they have cameos and I kind of like the idea of going all out and getting some of the details at least mostly right.

So, does anyone know? WikiAnswers told me it was David and Patricia. Is this true? Does someone named Patricia really name their kid Patrick? I iz very skeptic...

(If no one knows, I will name them Christopher and Marcia, because those are cool parents' names, yo.)


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