Aug. 11th, 2010 09:58 am
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New things I really want that make me wish I had a basement full of writing minions:

Enchanted AU
Brendon is the Disney prince that gets pushed into a magical well and ends up in New York. Spencer is the single father who finds him in the rain. Gabe is James Marsden, Bill is the fiancé, Patrick is the squirrel, VickyT is the evil-but-completely-awesome stepmom and one of the other cobras is her minion. Oh, and Ryan is Spencer's secretary. And Jon is absent as per usual since I never manage to actually cast him in my AUs.

So You Think You Can Dance AU
In which Brendon is the young contemporary talent, Ryan is his main competition (a more seasoned contemporary dancer), Spencer is the king of Latin ballroom and Jon is the guy who auditions with his girlfriend to be nice and gets put on the show because of his awesome personality (I'm thinking he does some mediocre kind of hip hop. Or possibly he has some unique style of his own, idk, BACK TO SPENCER SMITH SHAKING HIS HIPS, YES?) I'm thinking this is the 2010 format with 10 contestants + 10 all stars, because there should be male/male dancing in this. Other contestants are VickyT (jazz), Maja Ivarsson (Latin ballroom), LynZ (hip hop, because kick-ass, yes?) and another two females + 1 male that I'm not really that invsted in casting. Oh, and the all stars should include Mark (because he's the awesomest), Chelsie Hightower (because she's the hottest), Billy Bell (who should have won this season and I'm still sad he didn't) and Brandon the adorably gay muscle package (because him and Brendon together would be hysterical and made of win). And then there will be much fantastic dancing and lots of shenanigans and love triangle stuff going on back stage. :DDD

Adoption, anyone?
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One of the TYV pre-order packages includes getting a personal postcard sent to you by the band from the road. Now I want fic where Brendon buys this package, and Ryan seeing his name on the list of people they need to send postcards to and not really knowing what to think. And then Ryan starts thinking about it, and he writes Brendon a card. And then another one. And then, it develops into a sort of old-fashioned epistolar romance with the road as a backdrop.

Bunny, anyone?
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Still a few weeks until Christmas! Still plenty of time to drop a wish or get inspired by one at the Crazy Elf Christmas Wish Exchange! As stated in the thread, this is open for anyone who'd like to join and completely deadline and obligation-free (Goal is to have all gifts done by Christmas, but I got a gift from this exchange on January 6th this year. And one last week. lol. Still totally awesome. So, you know, drop a note or a teaser if you know you're going to be late and don't worry about it. :D)

I'll recap all wishes made in the original post here for easy reading. (And will keep updating the list for at least a week or so, if anyone wants to throw in some last minute wishes, so please keep checking in. <3) So check it out.

Seriously, check it out. There are some really AWESOME bunnies here. :) )


Dec. 12th, 2009 05:55 pm
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Queer as Folk AU. Ryan = Brian, wildly successful, highly promiscuous and pretending not to care about anything or anyone. Spencer = Michael, Brian's faithful best friend who's been following him and looking after him since they were teenagers. Brendon = Justin, the new kid who falls head over heels for Ryan and then refuses to leave him alone until he's managed to get in under all of Ryan's wires. Pete and Patrick = Emmett and Ted, the fabulous drama queen and the responsible accountant who stand by making sarcastic commentary and of course fall in love with each other in the end. And Jon = Ben, the hunky, gorgeous college professor who sweeps Spencer off his feet.

y/omgy? :DDD


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