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Those of you who like Merlin fic should go read this one:
Best kind of silly. Guaranteed to make you laugh.
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Meh, I'm blocked. Which is a bad thing, since I really want to submit either the Ryden or the Joncer CSI mirror for BBB this year. I blame school. It wants me to actually do stuff for it. Which, sheesh, demanding much? *rolls eyes* :D

Here's a tiny snippet of some present-day stuff. Spoiler. )

Also, have some more Merlin vids. Because they are awesome and will make you smile. :)

And a couple more )
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This one. Amazingly funny.
And it doesn't hurt that the song is from Wicked, which is my all-time favourite musical.

This one. Gorgeous work with colour and texture effects. )

And, lastly, this one. Because it's King Giles! Singing! Hi, King Giles! )
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I went and saw the Sherlock Holmes movie today. Like everyone said, it was wonderfully slashy. (Favourite moments included: squabbling over the shared dog, Watson telling Holmes that yes, he did leave the stove on, and Holmes comment of "Take me down, my tongue is going numb, and then I'll be of no use to you". lol.) Despite the fact that the homoerotic subtext comes through loud and clear (not to mention constantly, seriously, this film is NOT subtle), in the end, Watson still marries a girl. And Holmes has a ~moment with Rachel Adams on a bridge.

It seems to me, as bromance is growing more and more popular in mainstream media, that this is becoming a pattern. Take Merlin. Arthur had more chemistry with a rock in S1, but Guinevere was still there, safely in the spot of future queen, because that's how everyone seems to think it's supposed to go. Boy marries girl, not his male best friend, and if two guys mean the world to each other, then there'd better be a girl in the picture to make sure they're not actually gay. more )
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Things in fandom that have made me really happy lately:

[ profile] linzeestyle's meta posts on fanfiction in general and the AI8 fandom in particular. (seriously, go read these, they are so, so good.)

MERLIN Seriously, this is the most adorable series ever made. And SO SLASHY I can barely contain my glee. Arthur/Merlin is my new OTP forever and ever. :DDDDDDDD

Merlin fanfic. I don't think I'll be writing any anytime soon, but reading it makes me HAPPY. It's like Harry/Draco without the actual hate. Funny, hot and just charming-your-socks-off adorable, in other words. Kind of like Harry/Draco and Pete/Patrick went ahead and had an OTP baby. With Brendon/Spencer as the godparents. :DDDD
Some recs here if you want to give it a try.
Oh, and if anyone knows of a good fic that takes place in the troll episode in S2, with Arthur all sad because his dad is being mean finding Merlin in his bedroom and leading to hot comfort sex, please point me that way :)))

Okay, enough flailing. Back to work. :)
Happy New Year, everyone ♥


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