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Some fic. It's kind of written as a pccf sequel, though it stands alone just fine.

A Perfect Proposal Bandom | Brendon/Ryan | PG-13 | one-shot | 1830 words
Brendon and Ryan get engaged. It kind of happens by accident.

Dude, did we just decide to get married? )
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The following are scenes and extra stuff that didn't make it into the final version of PCCF for various reasons. Comments and links below. These are all by me. The ones by [ profile] behindthec will be posted in his journal, primarily as stand-alones. Please see the PCCF masterpost for details.

All set? Here we go. :-)


This came about in a pretty funny way. Colin had written the pianissimo!powerplay, that ends with Ryan telling Brendon his safeword is 'aubergine'. My response to this was (after the key smash and heart eyes) “So what is Ryan's REAL safeword?” to which Colin came back with a “???” For some reason, when I read the scene, I was convinced that Ryan was making 'aubergine' up and that his ACTUAL safeword was even MORE revealing than Brendon's 'pianissimo'. Like, pretty much the equivalent of telling Brendon why he brought him to the cabin (which we all know Ryan was not ready to do at that point). And then this was born. Ryan's real safeword is 'scarlett'. Originally, there was supposed to be an introductory scene at the cabin where Ryan somehow confessed to Brendon that he'd lied about his safeword and why, but once the scene was cut (we just didn't know where to put it. It didn't work with the pacing at all.), it kind of fell out of the list of priorities.

(Flashback is set in 2007, during the recording/mixing of Pretty. Odd. in London.)

The greatest love story ever told )


This scene was written as an attempt to get Brendon from being heartbroken to deciding he wanted to fight for Ryan. We had a lot of discussions about how to actually get Brendon to the point he needed to be when he writes his song and, even more, when he decides to play it. This scene ended up with more or less the same effect as the disney-with-shane!scene, and we always wanted to keep that one, because it tied in with so many other things (the pre-story Brendon/Shane, Aladdin, the songs). Inspiration for below was actually from a FOB song. I was listening to Grand Theft Autumn and the line ”Where is your boy tonight” just made the image of Brendon entering the diner (which is such a happy place in this story) by himself pop into my head. Kind of heartbreaking.

Ruth is an OC made of awesome )


This scene was shortened a lot, because chapter 8 was already growing into insane proportions and we wanted to keep the pace up. The glorious bad!fic in here is by [ profile] j_plash, who completely and totally broke my brain with this. Quite possibly a rib too. I was laughing so hard, my stomach hurt forever afterwards.

Oh, if only... )


This is the first thing I wrote for pccf. It's set in chapter five, after they try to make waffles, Ryan accidentally turns himself into Casper and they race to the lake. Colin sent me the first part of the chapter to comment on when I was at work, and it ended right after Brendon came back into the cabin and overheard Ryan and Spencer on the phone. At this point, I was getting really scared whenever I read a new passage, because the tension was rising so high and I felt like the characters took one step closer to the edge with every line. And not in a good way. In a crash-and-burn-they-won't-be-able-to-trust-each-other-anymore kind of way. (Trust is a major theme in pccf. I don't know how many e-mails were devoted to that in the last half of the story or so. LOL.)

Anyway. I got the flour-war-and-lake-grinding passage and felt myself break a little. For me, that was a point of no return. Not the break in itself, but the point where I couldn't see HOW things would be okay in the end anymore. How they would be able to keep the trust between them. As you know, I was totally wrong. I swear, when Colin sent the rest of the chapter, where he totally just pulled them back from the brink and managed to flip the whole dynamic around into something almost stable (I still have no idea how the hell he pulled that off. I get all fangirly every time I read it.), I just stared at it for about half an hour in utter awe.

BEFORE I got the real chapter though, I was being all angsty and wrote this. It started out as me trying to explain what I felt was about to go wrong in the Ryan/Brendon dynamic and ended up as fic. Kitchen floor!sex AU. Let's go. :-)

Spin a fairytale and watch it break )


This is something I put together towards the end. I'd written Ryan's song, and I'd written Brendon's, and this idea of a song they would have written together, later on, after the cabin, maybe even years after it all happened, kept nagging at my brain. The theme is their journey, kind of. The fairytales, their individual songs, their past as bandmates, the fights and longing and fear. Reference to Benjamin Britten (with lyrics by Auden) at the end from Hymn to St Cecilia (lyrics here), which you might recognise from the twitter!war in chapter 8. In my head, this piece of music pretty much embodies pccf, and especially Ryden in this story. It's one of my all-time favourite classical pieces.

Reinvent love )


So. I actually wrote music to the lyrics in chapter 8 and recorded the song. I'm pretty sure that qualifies me for the 'Most Obsessive Fangirl' pagent this year. *headdesk*

Fair warning, guys: file quality (not to mention music skillz *facepalm*) is VERY poor. I have no recording equipment, no mikes, no editing program, no nothing. This is recorded with my cheap-ass camera and then converted to mp3 online. /o\

(Song belongs to me. Feel free to download a copy if you like it, but please don't share the file or copy it elsewhere. Thank you.)

Brendon's song (needs a real title. If you think of something, feel free to post a suggestion in the comments. :-))


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