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Verse is still not dead! Managed to finish a small part today. \o/

Title: Our Love Is Here to Stay
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Words: 900
Summary: A Ryden epilogue (takes place about 1,5 years after the events of Nightingale)

Read at AO3

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I got some writing done today! Part One of the Spyro prequel is now pretty much finished, I think. 16K words. Spanning over the first two years of the fifteen or so that are planned for the whole arc. (Yeah, I know, I know *shakes head at self*)

I'm thinking that I'm kind of in the market for a beta, too. The people who usually help are all awesome * infinity, but most of them have stuff going on this summer and I kind of don't want to thank them for all the hard work they put in on the Ryden prequel by going all "hey, have another one! This one will probably be three times as long!" :)

So, anyone interested? Warning you now that this story is a) angsty, b) angsty, c) VERY angsty and that I tend to be a very greedy person to beta for (basically, I love betas who take off their silk gloves, grab a baseball bat and then just pounds at the story from every direction. Love brutal honesty. Love nitpicking. Love seeing what goes on in someone's head as they read. My goal when writing longer stuff is always to become a better writer and write the best story I possibly can, so I soak up concrit like a sponge. And since I'm not the sharpest knife in the subtlety drawer, bluntness is very much appreciated). Still interested? Drop a comment or email me at redorchid10 at yahoo dot com.

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[ profile] kuperkeikka created the following fanmix for my story. It's pretty damn awesome, and includes lots of songs I'd never heard before. *dances around* (More detailed flailing below)

Dear, [ profile] kuperkeikka, thank you so much. I feel like I got two soundtracks in one with this mix (one for Ryan/Spencer and one for Ryan/Brendon) and I've lost count of how many times I've gone ♥___♥ when listening to it. And an extra thank you for the Japanese song. That one is going on my favourites playlist right now. ♥

Download the mix here

The Sun Will Shine from Time to Time
(comments by mixer, added comments by me in small print)

01. The Jesus and Mary Chain: Dirty Water (lyrics)
fuck with me and i'll fuck with you, isn't that what we're supposed to do?
kick me down and i will kick you, too
This song, to me, really speaks of the Spyro element of the overall story. Which is pretty amazing since I haven't even posted the Spyro prequel yet. I'm totally keeping the first verse of this song for that fic as well. :)

02. Asobi Seksu: I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me
(several translations here)
Okay, so this song is gorgeous. I love it. Everything about it. Especially the singer's voice. Also, Japanese! \o/

03. Regina: Tässä vaiheessa kaikki on jo niin vakavaa
miksei voitu tavata jossain muualla ja jossain toisessa tilanteessa?
tästä ei pääse takaisin
(translation here)
Finnish music! Haunting Finnish music that goes very well with the angstier parts of the fic.

04. Au Revoir Simone: Back in Time (lyrics)
there are times that i felt that this was right, why do you think this
will never work?
I love how the singers' voices overlap in this song. Feels like a Brendon/Spencer duet à la "I Know Him So Well" from Chess to me. Perfect breakfast-at-coffee-shop soundtrack. ♥

05. The xx: Infinity (lyrics)
after all the time, after you, had you seen me with someone new,
hanging so high for your return
i can't give it up to someone else's touch because i care too much
Perfect soundtrack to The Summer of Epic Pining (TM). :)

06. Athlete: Bulletproof (La Roux cover) (lyrics)
Oh, Brendon! *sniffles*

07. Air: One Hell of a Party (feat. Jarvis Cocker) (lyrics)
please do not follow where i am leading, someone must clear these things away
and just where were we trying to get to?
Love the instrumental parts in the background. Great mood as well.

08. Röyksopp: You Don’t Have a Clue (feat. Anneli Drecker) (lyrics)
we're meant to be one, i know we are
if i am the sky, then you are my star
Lovely sound in this.

09. Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan: Who Built the Road (lyrics)
who built the road
that left my self esteem twisted and crunched, black metal and bones
who passed the buck
who pressed my flesh to yours
Spencer and Ryan! /o\ (God, I love how darkly seductive this song is. Also, the male singer's voice, jc.)

10. Chairlift: Bruises (lyrics)
i tried to do handstands for you but every time i fell for you, i'm
permanently black and blue for you
I'm starting to think you've got a psychic streak. :) This is so perfect for Spencer and Ryan's backstory. :DDD

11. An Pierlé and White Velvet: Jupiter (lyrics)
we may have a future after all
My heart! My heart! I love the spins and turns you're taking in this mix.

12. Zero 7: Home (lyrics)
take me somewhere we can be alone, make me somewhere i can call a home
'cause lately i've been losing on my own
Oh, Brendon! (again). This makes me think of the Christmas scene.

13. Texas: Say What You Want (lyrics)
and you can tell me your reasons but it won't change my feelings
This song works in so many ways and from so many POVs, omg. &hearts!

14. Low Motion Disco: Things Are Gonna Get Easier
Perfect ending. Thank you so much.

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I got fanart for my fic! \o/ The lovely [ profile] arithilim and [ profile] merihn worked together to create the following pieces for me. DVD covers, you guys! With the original CSI fonts and everything. (God, I wish I could blink my eyes and have fic magically turn into film. That would be the best superpower ever. :))

Thank you so much, guys. I really like this. It's a wonderful take on the crossover aspect, and the captions on the back are really, really sweet. ♥

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Title: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Author: [ profile] redorchids
Beta: [ profile] blindmouse and [ profile] lariopefic
Band(s): P!atD/TYV, FOB
Pairing(s): Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross (Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Shane, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick)
Rating: PG-13/R
Word count: 30,000
Warnings: General CSI-related warnings: dead bodies, icky evidence, violent cases being investigated (nothing graphic or actually shown in-story, though).

Summary: CSI AU. Brendon Urie has had a hopeless crush on Ryan Ross since the mortifying moment when he introduced himself at a national forensic conference by tripping in the aisle next to where Ryan was sitting and getting coffee all over his shirt, so when Ryan offers him a job at the Las Vegas lab, Brendon jumps at the opportunity. When he arrives in Vegas, however, things are a bit more complicated than he'd hoped.

A/N: Independent prequel to last year’s Nightingale (And Not the Lark) and (in some ways) a tribute to [ profile] theohara's CSI fic The Wall (which is probably the best Gil Grissom character study I have ever read. If you're into CSI fanfic, I greatly recommend it).

A big, big thank you to the BBB mods for all their hard work and another one to all the wonderful people who have helped cheerlead this fic. There are many of you, and each of your input has been invaluable. Thank you all so much. ♥

Headers and Prologue
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Three cont.

Bonus tracks/Enhanced content

Fanart: DVD covers by [ profile] arithilim and [ profile] merihn
Fanmix: The Sun Will Shine From Time to Time by [ profile] kuperkeikka

Prologue )
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Or so the old Greek myth claims. Anyway, it seems pretty accurate from where I'm standing.

Easter is here, meaning a few days off. I'm hugely grateful for them, because the last couple of weeks have been more than crazy. I'd insert a long rant about school and work here, but even I don't want to hear it, so I'm sparing you as well. :) Good news: me and Eric bought a new apartment. It has three bedrooms (the one we live in now has one) which will mean both a place to put annoying family members guests AND a playroom for all our nerdy interests, i.e. a place where I can keep all my sewing stuff and Eric can build new computers in his spare time.

So that's making me very happy. Even more so because my horrible, evil ex-job actually allowed me to save up some money so that we'll be able to get other people to fix it up for us. Which is a very good thing since trying to paint walls together leads to relationship WWII where we are concerned. And celebrating the new apartment with a divorce would be very crappy. :)

In other good news (I hope), I have actually been writing a little today. It's not much, but I mostly finished chapter 2 of Nightingale (In Berkley Square), aka the Ryden mirror to CSI-verse. Seeing as the whole half that is the Ryden backstory is already finished, it's not a terrible accomplishment, but being the first things I've written on the monster in almost two weeks, it's a huge relief. I'm hoping to get chapter three done tomorrow. Then chapter four before my break is over. And then hopefully the rest will magically appear before the BBB deadline on the 30th.

So cross your fingers, okay? I feel like I could use all the luck I could get.
Love you guys. ♥
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Hello, all

So I finally got around doing the edits I've been planning for the Peterick arc of Nightingale (fic is here) since I started working on the other backstories for real and some things morphed a little. I'm happy to report that the changes are few and, for the most part, very minor. You'll probably not even notice most of them.

All details and reasons for why I choose to do this here. Contains spoilers for the Peterick arc )
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One and a half months to BBB deadline. Keep your fingers crossed.

30899 / 50000 words. 62% done!
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There are no words for how much I'm enjoying writing this fic. Current wordcount: 44 700 words and I've reached October 2008 (murders happen September 2009, last scene in the Spyro as it stands now is in 2013 :))

Spoilery little teaser here )


Feb. 4th, 2010 08:37 am
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So it seems taking a break from your epics for a few weeks is very good for getting un-stuck on them. Am happy to report that after a couple of editorial choices both the Ryden and the Joncer backstories for CSI-verse are now pretty much finished (bar some tweaking of a scene here and there) and that the Spyro is about 2/3 there. So I guess what I mainly need to do now is to sit down and get the actual detective story done. And then somehow puzzle it together for the mirror arcs.

BBB is suddenly looking like a not-so-insane goal anymore.

On that note (apologies for having a basic account and thus not being able to do actual polls):

What CSI-story are you most excited by? (i.e. which one would you most like to see posted for BBB this year)?

a) The Ryden mirror (CSI-arc + Ryden backstory)
b) The Joncer mirror (CSI-arc + Joncer backstory)
c) The Spyro companion story (sort of a backstory + "behind the scenes" of the other ones)

Thanks in advance, guys. ♥
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Hello, everyone

So, remember this little competition-thingy? Where I kind of (drunkenly) promised myself to have finished the CSI-verse before Christmas? Yeah. Um. So that's sadly not going to happen as planned. I'm just having too much fun with it. And the Spyro prequel refuses to stop growing. I'm kind of okay with that, because I'd much rather take my time and really get everything right than post something that I'm not happy with and/or that will end up biting me in the ass later. :D I haven't forgotten about it though, I promise. I have a spreadsheet and everything to make sure that I don't.

I'm very sorry that this is taking so long. I really wish I had [ profile] moku_youbi or [ profile] reni_days's speed-writing powers. But, sadly not. I'm insanely slow. Like, 1000 words in a day slow. Hopefully, this will be worth waiting for though. And I promise to post teasers now and again. <3

In the meantime, if you're curious on knowing some stats on how things are going, clicky here. )
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Hello, hello. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates that and happy Friday to everyone else. Current word count on the Spyro prequel is now 34,000 words, and I'm very much failing at keeping them away from each other. :)

Here's an example of that. Spoiler warning like whoa. )
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So, I managed to get the dreaded swine flu and am home in bed. It's just ridiculous, really. I mean, how many days have I not been sick this fall? Seems like something like a week total since August, and that's just silly.

Being in bed means doing nerdy things on your computer, though. I'm happy to report that I've written another 10,000 words on the Spyro prequel/companion piece/100K epic for CSI-verse and that it's coming along pretty great.

Spoiler preview here )

I also spent some of last night googling Latin texts after helping someone check the translation for a quote. Latin is one of my nerdy kinks. I LOOOOVE Latin. It's like Linguistics and Maths went ahead and had a baby. While French watched and possibly filmed the whole thing. Pretty awesome. :)

AND, I has a plot bunny. A dirty little teen!OT3 thing before Panic! got signed.

More on that here )

So, bunny, anyone? If someone wanted to write this one, I'd be very, very happy, have to admit. :DDDDDDD


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