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Hello, all

So I finally got around doing the edits I've been planning for the Peterick arc of Nightingale (fic is here) since I started working on the other backstories for real and some things morphed a little. I'm happy to report that the changes are few and, for the most part, very minor. You'll probably not even notice most of them.

All details and reasons for why I choose to do this here. Contains spoilers for the Peterick arc )
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There are no words for how much I'm enjoying writing this fic. Current wordcount: 44 700 words and I've reached October 2008 (murders happen September 2009, last scene in the Spyro as it stands now is in 2013 :))

Spoilery little teaser here )
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Hello, hello. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates that and happy Friday to everyone else. Current word count on the Spyro prequel is now 34,000 words, and I'm very much failing at keeping them away from each other. :)

Here's an example of that. Spoiler warning like whoa. )
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Apparently, writing Jon/Spencer porn is the cure for writer's block. Remember this, people. And practice this method as often as possible. Today's achievement: 5k words of Jon/Spencer porn for the CSI backstory. And they didn't didn't even have sex yet. Technically.

I researched UEFA Champions League soccer teams for this porn. If that's not dedication to a story, I don't know what is. (spoliers beneath the cut) )
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Finally getting some work done on the CSI AU. Finished the Ryan/Spencer backstory from Spencer's POV and have managed to get to the point where Jon joins the team. I'm enjoying writing this story again, which is a huge relief. It will definitely take another few months before it's all done though. So many things to keep track of. But yeah, fun. Lots of fun. And here's a short teaser.

Cut for spoiler. )
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Short end of scene that got cut from the real draft of the Ryden backstory for Nightingale today. I might revamp it into a drunken Spencer-bitches-to-Jon scene for the Joncer arc if I can get it to work. Either way, you can haz preview. :-)

Beware of spoilers )
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Spending most of my time working on the mirrors for my CSI 'verse. I'm writing both remaining mirrors at the same time, for a lot of different reasons, and so far, it's all coming together nicely. The 18k (I'm projecting 70k for both, because I'd like all three parts to be of equal length.) I have now is nearly all backstory. The Spyro is more or less done. The Ryden is somewhere around 75%, I think. Joncer is getting into drinking games and Pete is being cryptic. Fun times for all. :-)

Meanwhile, have a teaser. )
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Okay, so I know a lot of people are still very sad. If you're one of them, you might want to skip this post, because it's kind of... well, annoyingly chipper, probably. I'm a glass-half-full person, what can I say (or a "Glass? What glass? You don't even HAVE a glass--all the water overflowing from it has caused a second great flood!"-person, as one of my friends put it.)

Happy ramblings about music and fic and the little birds making kick-ass dresses for me while singing pretty songs. )

And to put my money where my mouth is, have some teasers for the fics I'm currently working on.

Scene from the still unnamed Jon/Spencer rebound fic where everyone in in love with Brendon )

Scene from the Brendon/Ryan backstory from the Ryden mirror to Nightingale (CSI verse) )

Scene from the Ryan/Spencer backstory from either the Joncer or the Ryden mirror to Nightingale (CSI verse) )

ETA: [ profile] faerie_lullaby wrote the pool sex GSF! And it's hot. She wins my heart so much. Go read it right now and make your day all happy. :-D


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