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Title: Defiance
Promt: Bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)
Pairing: Brendon/person of your choice (Ryan. Of course it's Ryan. :))
Rating: R (NC-17? How do you rate art, anyway?)
Media: Photoshop manip

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Fanart has moved to Flickr.
You can find it here:
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For [ profile] emmyatthedisco, who wished for: more Rywalk snuggles, in whatever form they come
Merry Christmas. ♥

Merry Christmas )
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For [ profile] salire, who wished for: Anything domestic with ryan and brendon. oh my god, i love it when they're pretty much just married and comfortable with each other and just. guhhh boys *____*.
Merry Christmas, sweetie. ♥

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For [ profile] ivesia19, who wished for Ryan and Brendon getting snowed in at LAX airport, having to spend a lot of time together and eventually becoming all friendly and in love again. :)

Clicky )

Please feel free to use as inspiration for writing fic. :DDD
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For [ profile] the_randomist, because the idea of Bronx dressed up as a snowman was way too cute to resist. :) With bonus angel!Ashley and photoshop glitter brushes, because glitter brushes are the hight of Christmas. Also, they rule. :)

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I only have 6 icons. If I cheat a bit. Because I'm still on a basic account. So.
Anyway, [ profile] blindmouse was nice enough to tag me the ones I DO have, so let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Meme is this: Have someone pick 6 of your icons. Write an accompanying ficlet for each icon.

pics and stories under the cut )

Feel inspired? Leave a comment and I'll pick out icons for you as well. :-)
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This is about six months old, so you guys have probably already seen it, but just in case you haven't I'm going to link it up for you.

This Abbey Road interview/mini-concert just kind of pinpoints everything I love about this band. It's just such a nice sound. I especially love the way they play I Write Sins, Not Tragedies here--it's like a mix of Fever and Pretty Odd, and I just love it.

And all the smiles going around. Really, these guys just make me happy. I wish this was my life. I'd love to just hang around with my best friends and play music and talk about carrot sticks and be freaked out together about being too young and too famous and deal with all of the pressure together, in friggin' Abbey Road Studios with sun coming through the windows and with guitars in your hands.

PATD at Abbey Road - Part I
PATD at Abbey Road - Part II

(Yes, I made some fanart too. YouTube wouldn't embed these vids and I really wanted a pretty Panic banner to go with them. :-))
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You could also make fanfic lemons, but I felt more like photoshopping than writing today. This pic is for [ profile] chicken_cookie. Hope things are better soon. It's also for myself because I love this picture and can't stop looking at it.

Also, I really, REALLY want Ryan's jacket.

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Because my Internet connection was down and I have all this free time now that it's Christmas.
Feel free to snag. :-)

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Because I'm now completely in love with Fall Out Boy's music and have been listening to the albums I got pretty much non-stop since I bought them last week.

Also, who can resist Jon / Spencer in bed?
Those two were meant to be photoshopped. :-)

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Crossovers are one of my guilty pleasures. It doesn't really matter what fandoms get crossed--if you mix it, I'm pretty much guaranteed to like it. And sometimes, people just come up with the best ideas for mixing things up. Like [ profile] ivesia19, who mixed the prettiest boys on earth with my favourite design show in her Bandom/Project Runway crossover. The following manip has been on my mind for months, and today, I finally found the time to make it come true. :-D

Liked it? Go check out my other fanart.
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Writing is a bit slow, so I'm re-reading all my favourite fics and smiling so much my cheeks kind of hurt.

So I made some Brendon/Spencer fanart for [ profile] foxxclub, because I just can't get over how hot this story is, and the cartoon-inspired Brendon pic goes out to [ profile] chicken_cookie because she's super sweet and it's her birthday. So happy birthday. ♥

Liked it? Go check out my other fanart
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For [ profile] polaroidsof182 who wished for the following in the Christmas Wish List Exchange:
Ryan's sick on christmas eve and so brendon makes him hot chocolate and cookies and decorates them and it's just ridiculously cute.

Merry Christmas!

Liked it? Go check out my other fanart
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Merry Christmas to [ profile] mrsquizzical, who wanted Spencer/Bob prettiness.
Text on art from "Hip Hip Chin Chin" by Club the Belugas. (And if you missed SYTYCD season 3, you should watch this samba set to that song as well. :-)

Liked it? Go check out my other fanart
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For [ profile] elucreh because she wrote this fic about Brendon and Ryan camping, and that story just makes every rainy or stressful day fill up with sunshine.

Thank you so much. ♥

Liked it? Check out my other fanart
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I kind of want to write fic on this title. Either a Ryan-the-Magician AU or a fic from Brendon's POV where Ryan only exists inside his own head (or perhaps that his Ryan only exists inside his head). I shouldn't though, not with eight unfinished stories lying on my desktop at the moment.

If anyone has any tips on how you focus your energy into one fic at the time in face of all the love that is Bandom, I'll be really grateful. Because my head is sort of boiling over now.

Liked it? Go check out my other fanart
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One last fanart pic before collapsing into bed. I just love this picture of Jon, the colours are absolutely amazing. And Brendon... well, you all have eyes. :-)

As usual, feel free to snag.

Liked it? Check out my other fanart as well. :-)
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Spencer is probably the bandmate who most often ends up being turned into a girl in fanfic. Bit of an either/or for him, I feel--very manly or very girly.

So, I thought I'd play with that a little.
Take your pick. :-)

Liked it? Check out my other fanart as well. :-)


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