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Today, I tackled the task to c/p all wave 2 BBBs into a spreadsheet so that I'll be able to keep track of which ones I've read and have easy access to new fic for a long time coming. Took a long time, but now it's done! And colour-coded! (oh yes, shiny OCD is shiny, but... spreadsheet! \o/)

Also, in result of that, have some recs :) )

What stories have you guys liked so far?
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Haven't had as much time to read lately as I'm trying to work on the mirrors for Nightingale, aka the CSI AU. Coming along pretty well, apart from the fact that I've trashed and rewritten the Ryan/Spencer backstory three times already. Up to 10k words about, split over two stories. I'm kind of liking it.

Enough babble. More reviews here )
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Read some really, really good fic in the last couple of days.

Reviews here )
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Mixed batch of cookies this time around. Read some really, really good fic. All happy now. :-)

Take the bitter with the sweet )
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I have not been having a lot of luck with my picks the last couple of days. And I would just really, really want to read a Spencer/Brendon that's a Spencer/Brendon, i.e. funny and slightly awkward and sweet as hell and making me go all ♥__♥ right now (or, in other words, I want [ profile] reni_days to write a gazillion BBBs and then just give them to me so that I can take them all and cuddle up in a fort made of blankets and friggin' giggle for a couple of hours).

So if any of you have read a good one, please rec it. Or any kind of adorable fluff, really. I am dying for something light and adorable to read. (I have a few recs for adorable MCR fic saved, but I'm really in a mood for Panic, so any of those pairings = gold.)

So here's what I've been reading lately )
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I'm going to keep doing this, I think. Makes me remember what I liked and not as well. Only three reviews today. Got stuck on some shorter fic and writing ficlets for kink-bingo. Starting some MCR stuff tomorrow though. Looking forward to that.

More reviews here )
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My eyes will fall bleeding out of my head at any moment now, I'm pretty sure. So much fic Gah! :-D

Reviews of more fics here. )
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Back from a mini-tour with my choir in Germany. I HAZ INTERNET AGAIN! I really don't know how I managed without it for four days. (And no, I'm not being ironic, I really am that sad.)

On the lovely 20h bus ride, I picked up one of my old WIPs again, which is called The Joncer Rebound Fic Where Everyone Is In Love With Brendon And It's All Very Fucked Up on my desktop. It's pretty much behind-the-scenes canon. And since I suck at PATD canon AND can't stand inconsistent timelines in a fic, I have some time- and Jon-related questions that I really hope that someone will be able to help me with.

1) When did Jon join the band? (as in started touring with them. month/year?)
2) When did Ryan and Spencer meet Brendon? (month/year?)
3) Does Jon have siblings? How many? Older/younger? Brothers/sisters? Names? Are they married/have kids?
4) Jon's parents' names?
5) When did Brendon move in with Shane?
6) When did Ryan's dad die?
7) When did Ryan get his own place in Vegas?
8) What tours did they do in the year after Jon joined the band? (continents? months/years?)
9) The girlfriends: from when to when did the boys date them? All of them, ideally.

10) (and probably most importantly) Do you care if things like these aren't accurate in a sort-of-canon fic? How much on a scale from 1-10? Will it put you off a story if names/dates are wrong?

Anyone who can offer help? I will seriously love you forever. ♥

ETA: found this collection of primers and this primer on PATD that was pretty neat for info on early dates.

In other fanfic-related news: HOLY SHIT bbb. I am so friggin' behind.
Please point me in direction of your favourites so far so that I can prioritise my to-read list. :-)

Speaking of, it's review time. Which is not entirely the same as rec time, and even though I have no intention of flaming anyone, I'm not sure how sensitive this fandom is when it comes to honest opinions, so, yeah, fyi, okay? )

And finally, a question about American English. I see so many fics that use "lay" in sentences like "Brendon was laying on the bed." Now, in British English, you'd use "lie" (Brendon was lying on the bed) for when someone is lying down, and "lay" (Brendon was laying down his books on the table) when someone is laying something else down. Is this just a US/UK difference? Do you not have this distinction in American English? Curious linguists want to know. :-D

Over and out.


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