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I love fanfiction. Fanfiction is the best thing ever, and there are so many stories out there to choose from. God bless the Internet and creative people.

This is the masterlist of all my recomendations, split into the various fandoms I enjoy. This list will grow as I find new stories that are just fantastic and make me want to marry the author's brain. No so-so fics here, in other words. Just the very best stuff.

Harry Potter fanfiction

Fanfic on the Harry Potter book series (seven books by JK Rowling about a boy wizard. I'm guessing you've heard of them. :-)). Mainly slash pairings, but some het and gen too. My icon should be an indication of the main pairing found here.

Bandom fanfiction

Bandom fanfic is people making up stories about real people who play in different bands. I didn't know this existed until about a month ago. I found the stories via other people's rec lists and thought I'd missed some kind of TV series or something. :-) But no. Real people (Panic! at the Disco, mainly. If you don't know who Panic! at the Disco are, these commented pictures will give you a good idea). Slightly disturbing, but once you get past that, this stuff is beyond amazing.

Queer as Folk (US) fanfiction

TV series about a group of gay friends living in Pittsburg, USA. There is a British version as well, but I haven't seen that. Practically everything here is Brian/Justin. I never really cared about the rest of the characters even when watching the show.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and spin-offs) fanfiction

TV series about a girl with superpowers who kills vampires (except for sometimes when she falls in love with them instead). Lots of different pairings since I like practically all the characters on this show. Weak spot for Spike/Buffy and slash pairings involving Xander, however. And anything dark with Wesley. I love Wesley.

Friends fanfiction

TV comedy series about a group of friends living in New York. Mainly stories with Chandler in them because I love Chandler stories. General warning for Monica-bashing. :-)

Short wordlist for the uninitiated
(aka friends that I've nagged to come here and take an interest in fanfic :-))

Fandom - The universe in which a story takes place. For example a TV series or a book.
Slash - Stories featuring male/male relationships (the nice stuff! :-D)
Femslash - Stories featuring female/female relationships.
Het - Stories featuring male/female relationships.
Gen - Stories that don't focus on any relationships (for example stories centered around a specific character, stories with a more general perspective or stories that simply don't care about romance or smut)
Smut - porn (the raison d'ĂȘtre for lots an lots of fanfic)
Ship - A specific pairing in focus. To ship something is to write stories to promote a specific pairing. (I ship Harry/Draco a lot right now for example)
OTP - One True Pairing, i.e. your absolute favourite ship that you love and adore with all your heart way past any point of reason or normality.
GSF - Group Slut Fic, i.e. polyamorous relationships where more than three people get it one with one another at the same time. Happens a lot in bandom. :-D
Canon - What actually happened in the book/TV series/film.
Fanon - What didn't actually happen but which has been used so many times in fanfiction that it has become a well-known and widely accepted concept. A fanon character is a specific version of a character, usually very well-defined and appearing in many stories by different people while staying internally consistent. (For example Mr Darcy!Snape, who looks like Snape and talks like Snape but who is a distinguished nobleman and the perfect romantic lead to any Jane Austen remake you'd want to write. :-)
Bashing - To write a specific character in a very bad light (making someone into the villain of the story). Usually plays a counterpart to shipping (a story shipping Buffy/Spike will usually not be very nice to Angel, for example).
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer rules, what can I say?

Xander / Oz

Variations on a Five Paragraph Theme by Mireille719
Xander discovers that something is different after Halloween and explores it through the set essay in English class. Very Xander and just absolutely fantastic.
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I missed this great, great show for about three years, until someone used a Brian/Justin clip for a Harry/Draco fanvid. And once I started watching, I was a goner in about fifteen seconds.

I know that there are many great characters in this show, but for me, it's Brian/Justin all the way. If you want Michael, or any of the other guys really, this is not the place to be. :-)

Season three-based

Picture Perfect by [don't know]
A while after Justin moved in with Ethan, Daphne finds an article in a magazine about Justin's prom, with a picture of him and Brian in it. Unfinished, but it ends in such a natural place that it doesn't really matter.
Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Interlude | Chapter V | Chapter VI
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Brendon / Ryan / Spencer / Jon (also known as 'GSF' :-))

Manifesto by Ignipes
Spencer gets fed up with the Internet knowing more about his sexlife than he does. Brendon and Ryan duel with fake livejournal aliases and Jon is just a dirty old man. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Lots of innuendo.

Perfect Symmetry by Zarah
Looooong, long fic and totally worth every second. The band has sort of fallen apart. Brendon sends out an ultimatum from Berlin, and they all go to Germany to try and fix it. Completely gorgeous, completely sexy and completely simultaneously melts and breaks my heart. GSF made perfect.

You Can Leave Your Hat On by Ignipes
Ryan steals a top hat from a snowman, and suddenly there's sex all over the place. Cracky and just so much fun.

If You Were the Melody (Then I Would Be the Song) by Walkingondreams
Quietly lovely GSF piece. Brendon counts everything, including love.

The Celery Stalks at Midnight by Ignipes
Fluffy animals!AU. Cat!Ryan and Dogs!Jon&Spencer meet Bunny!Brendon when the Wentz family finds him in a movie theatre and takes him home. Made of cute and still scarily in character. So, so much win. :-D

Brendon / Ryan / Spencer

This Second Touch by Zoemargaret
Companion piece / sequel to Addictedkitten's That First Inconceivable Touch and very, very good. The tone is quite different, but it still works since the POV is different too. Spencer has a thing for making lists. Very nice fic.

Ficlet by Unphoenix
Teenage fumblings after band practice. Sexy and sweet and just such a typical, light-hearted bandom fic.

A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck by Foxxclub and Adellyna
This fic just broke my brain. God. Brendon makes inappropriate jokes about how Spencer and Ryan are always in each other's personal space, so they decide to take him down a peg or two. Hot, hot, hot.

Brendon / Ryan

Still Unheard, Though I Listened by Falling Words
Sequel to Somewhere Shy of Definition and completely disproves every pre-conceived notion about sequels not living up to the first installment. This one is even better than the first one. Forget UST, this one bleeds of UET (Unresolved Emotional Tension), and at times, it nearly makes me cry. Which is insanely embarassing, but that's how beautiful this is.

Different Ways to Get to Where We Are by iamtheenemy
How it took Ryan and Brendon close to two years to get together in spite of being madly in love with each other from the get-go. Differnt POVs and using misunderstandings as it's major storytelling tool, which I usually have no patience with, but it's done achingly well here and the result is hot and heartbreaking and angsty and adorable all at once. And Jon is the supreme evil overlord. Oh, and Buddha. :-)

South Carolina Is For Lovers by Formerlydf
Sex on the beach (or nearly), the origin of lyrics and a really sweet first time. I just love the title of this one. And the story is good too. It has a very poetic feel to it.

A Love Song By Another Name by Formerlydf
Brendon and Patrick get together to wite a song about unrequited love. So very, very good. The UST is a killer in this one. And it has a sequel too! :-)

But Where Do the Nuns Come in? by Lu_fics
Ryan and Brendon go camping with Brendon's family. Really sweet and pretty funny.

Switch! by Adellyna
Speed-dating fun. Totally adorable.

The Friction in Your Amazingly Well-designed Pants by Ivesia19
Project Runway crossover! I love the concept. And now there is a continuation to it too! \o/

Invisible Fences by Ivesia19
Three-part story of the triangle that is Brendon / Ryan / Keltie, each part from one of the characters' POV. Keltie visits the guys in the cabin. Very intense and totally heartbreaking. The only problem I have with this is that Ryan's motivations are never actually explained, which makes the story a bit muddled (i.e. I really don't see what Keltie is doing there at all, as all three characters seem very agreed on the fact that Ryan loves Brendon and not her).

Doctor Knows Best by Ivesia19
House crossover and just hysterical. Ryan can't sleep. House finds the cause in about 15 minutes. Incredibly sarcastic and just so very funny.

Your Biggest Pretend by Ivesia19
The Panic! boys need a little something to hot up their act. Pete suggests to up the stage chemistry between Ryan and Brendon. This is pure romance from a very introverted Ryan POV and just pretty, pretty, pretty.

Unreliable Narrators by Redbrickrose
The Brendon/Ryan story from a very tight Ryan POV. Incredibly intense and very beautifully written.

Drink Me by c'est what?
C'est what? is one of my absolute favourite HP writers, and now she writes Bandom as well! This fic is like the perfect cross of my favourite fandoms: magical bandom! Brendon the potions apprentice! Vicky-t owning a shop of magical creatures (all five Alexes being tiny and perfect and trying to feed the magical creatures)! Gabe Saporta the potions master! This fic is absolutely genious.

A Wave You Glide In On by Scoradh
High School AU, Jerk!Brendon (who's still completely adorable), Patrick playing the flute and Spencer and Jon dancing around each other while working on the school paper. Very funny and a very refreshing Brendon characterisation.

Words On a Page by Ivesia19
Absolutely beautiful little piece about Ryan lying on his carpet, writing music with Brendon at the piano. Poetry-perfect and just lovely.

Got To Know For Sure by Dimmingdivine
Brendon sings lovesongs. Ryan purges his ipod. Another quietly beautiful little piece. Absolutely gorgeous Brendon POV.

Yesterday's Feelings by Cynicsandsaints
The first Ryden kiss. Ryan's been waiting for a long time. Such a lovely, quiet little piece. Such beautiful UST. :-)

Brendon / Jon

"Because they're adorable" is still reason enough by Emilyray
Brendon and Jon hook up right from the start. So completely adorable, I want to cry, except I'm grinning too much.

Worlds In Black and White by Sori
Another Starbucks AU, and so completely adorable I grin like an idiot for hours on end after reading this. White-Mocha-Guy meets Jon-the-Cute-Barista. Seriously, why aren't all these superb writers doing HP/DM?

Dressing Gown Blues by Frankincense
Cracky and sexy and just plain wonderful. Brendon magically turns into a dressing gown at the smell of Cinnamon. Jon smells like Christmas.

The Name of the Game by Allyndra
High School AU, Truth or Dare marathons, Jon with blue hair. So much win! :-D

Brendon / Spencer

Never a Boy Scout by Foxxclub
Brendon proves to Spencer that, yes, it's actually possible to make someone come just from kissing them. The most UST-heavy smut I've read in a long time and just melting hot.

You Write Such Pretty Words by Erin2326
This is probably the kinkiest fic I've read in months. Brendon bangs a (female) groupie while on the phone with Spencer. Should not be this insanely hot (you know, with the het and all), but it totally is.

Just a Memory or (of) Two by Formerlydf
OC POV. I know. Doesn't sound very promising, but it's surprisingly fantastic. Brendon / Spencer through the eyes of someone who met them in a club. Quite original and really very good.

Unto Only Him by Disarm_d
Classic romance novel setup with a bandom twist. Brendon and Spencer are forced to get married. Spencer is a complete innocent with an inner vixen. Brendon is the patient, older, experienced man. The timeframe is sort of 17th century, sort of modern. (scarf-shopping with Ryan and then heading back to the castle) It's all just funny, funny, funny. :-D

Stay by Sori1773
Brendon and Spencer go from friends to fuck buddies and then to something more. Very hot and very sweet. Well-written Spencer POV.

Everbody Needs a Place to Start by Falling Words
Prequel to Somewhere Shy of Definition and set in the pre-contract, pre-touring era where Brendon's just moved out from his parents' house and everything is rather shitty. Nuanced and emotionally intense Brendon and a very well-written Spencer. I love how this whole series keeps shifting the pairings while still, somehow, making it about all of them. It's very well done.

The Sun Smells Too Loud by Battleofhydaspe
College AU. Spencer is investigating his bi-curious streak, Cassie is an awesome friend, Jon smokes up at work and Brendon is just fabulously hot. I love this kind of Spencer characterisation, all confused and fucked up but essentially pretty damn honest with himself. Also, Ryan is really funny in this, even if he's mainly reduced to sarcastic comments from the sidelines.

Team Naked Pics by Why me why not and Iris12000
Brendon is hooking up with Shane. Spencer is jealous, drunk and finds the naked pictures. This is hilariously funny. I think I pulled something reading it from laughing so much.

Spencer / Ryan

No Fellow Could Ignore by Emilyray
Ryan goes away to boarding school, and when he comes back, Spencer goes all "Oh, oh he's hot!". No, seriously. That's the whole plot. And it's awesome. :-)

Tearing Down the Toy City by Richandmodest
One of the most emotionally intense fics I've ever read and just... oh, God, I can't even express how much I love this one. Dream-like, jumping-through-time take on the Ryan/Spencer story from start to end and new beginnings. Dark and frightening and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I like this one so much, I spontaneously made art when I read it.

Spencer / Jon

The Way I See It by beingothrwrldly
College AU. Spencer has a crush on the guy in the coffee shop. Ridiculously sweet and so funny I think my jaw is still a little sore from smiling so much.

If It Kills Me by Foxxclub
Secret agents AU. Spencer's partner promises to put in for a transfer and get out of Spencer's life if he comes by his place for a night of groovy loving. It's all very sweet. And sexy. And Ryan has a funny cameo and some really good lines.

Room for Me Somewhere in You by Lolab
Spin-off of Falling Words's Somwhere Shy of Definition and just very 'Aw!.' :-) The theme of unrequited love spins on from the original, but with Jon and Spencer, even unrequited love takes on a bit of happy, sunny feeling. Very nice.

Vote YES on Jon Walker by Tequilideas
Spencer doesn't like Jon and doesn't want him in the band. Until he realises that he actually likes him a little too much. And then everyone knows. And then there are bets. And then it's all very funny. :-)

The Proverbial Twenty-One Shots... with Porn by Foxxclub
Spencer's 21st birthday. Where there's alcohol and lost porn on weight benches.

Sometimes I Long to Be Landlocked by Tequilideas
This story is so adorable, I'm half-expecting sunshine and puppies to spring from my computer screen at any minute. Panic! is over and Spence doesn't know what to do with his life. So he moves in with Jon and starts baking cookies. It's like a perfect 50s movie, in a very good way.

Down Boy by Flimsy
Porn in the bunks on the bus. Very Spencer-focused. Also, very hot.

Like an Angel (That Won't Lend You His Drumsticks) by Bubbleforest
Spencer wakes up one morning and is suddenly completely adored by the entire world. Except for Jon, who doesn't look at him any way out of the ordinary. Hrm... wonder why? :-D

In the Sidelines by Beggarsnotes
There aren't enough hearts in the universe to accurately rate this fic. Jon was never a part of the Chicago scene and meets Spencer by chance when his younger sister drags him to a concert. Absolutely breathtaking.

Rootless And Free by Beggarsnotes
I'm warning you right now: this fic will break your heart and make you cry, but it's so beautiful, you won't even care. Jon and Spencer haven't spoken to each other in twenty years when their children meet and fall in love. They haven't stopped loving each other either.

100% Genuine by Sekkritbandom
Spencer is a robotic cat boy. With a tail. :-D

Let the Future Come Into Each Moment by Saramir
Future!fic. The Panic boys are all turning thirty. The last album just bombed and Ryan is writing songs about plants. Spencer and Jon decide to finally make a go for it. Ryan and Brendon have about a gazillion tons worth of UST between them as well (I'm hoping for a sequel).

The Bootstrap Paradox (And Other Tips For Finding True Love) by moku_youbi
Pirates of the Caribbean AU!!! Spencer and Ryan get sucked into the 18th Century when vacationing in Bahamas and end up on a pirate ship with the dashing captain Walker and his close friend Admiral Urie. LOL LOL LOL. This story is pure gold.

Patrick / Pete

So, So Fucked by Reni Days
Patrick and Pete accidentally come out on Good Morning America and the Internet pretty much explodes. Which is weird, since they're not gay. Or together. Or terribly, terribly in love with each other since the moment they met, you know. :-)

Isn't It Messed Up (How I'm Just Dying to Be Him?) by Reni Days
I'm declaring this the best Pete/Patrick fic ever written. (It's a three-part story, all inter-linked, all pretty short) The POV is fantastic (partly P/P, partly their wife and girlfriend) and the meta aspects of this (reality, fandom, the grey zone in between that's interviews, songs etc) are just geniously used and developed. There is nothing about this fic that I don't like. It also has the most gorgeously real sex-scene I think I've ever seen in fanfic, and it's just that touch of oh, God, so real in general that makes this fic so amazing. Really. Best Pete/Patrick ever. I cannot flail enough.

Overheard (Less Talk, More Rock) by Thejumpcut
This fic is so hot there should be a warning on it for melting things. Or people. Or universes, you know? Focuses on a very dirty-talking Patrick, who is just so hot I have no words. Brendon wants to marry him. I totally do too. And the hotness never ends. There's Patrick-gets-Spencer-off-by-phone-call-in-front-of-the-rest-of-Panic!. There's Pete-getting-Patrick-worked-up-during-show. There's Pete-eavesdropping-on-phonesex. There's Patrick-eavesdropping-on-phonesex. (Basically, there's a lot of phonesex :-)) And there's Pete/Patrick-omg-friggin'-hot-sex. For like, five pages. It's four entire chapters of the most excellent porn ever. Read it.

The House Lights Series by Linzee
This is a story I go back and re-read probably a great deal more often than what is healthy. The narrative is intermingled with interviews, pictures, blog entries, gossip columns, song lyrics etc. Some are real, most are not, but the mix is completely captivating and gives a deapth and a sense of connection to the story that I haven't seen the likes of anywhere (possibly in Reni Day's Isn't it Messed Up, but this story is at the same time very different from that). Painful and funny and absolutely gorgeous. Different parts linked below.

Snippet - Down From the Edge, I Can See Pete gets out of rehab. Patrick is the one to meet him at the gate.
Part One - Leave the House Lights On Pete breaks up with Ashlee after realising that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Patrick.
Part Two - Spinning the City LightsFOB have a new record out and the media is closing in. Love and grand gestures all over the place.
Interlude - Make a Real True Color Porn
Interlude - Five Questions for Pete Wentz Fake Cosmo interview. Fabulous.
Part Three - Kings of the Never After Two years later and wedding rumours have begun to fly. Interviews and the strain of never having any privacy. Raw and painful but utterly amazing.
Interlude - All Night Transmission (Pump It Up) More porn.

Operation Jealousy by Lenore
House crossover! Patrick needs to make Pete jealous. Doctor's orders. So, so funny. :-D

Four Things Patrick Won't Do For Pete And One Thing Pete WILL do for Patrick by Josiemus_prime
Epic win on being fantastically funny. Plus I really like list!fics. :-D

[Untitled] by [anonymous writer] (from the anon_lovefest community)
Patrick is an angel. He lives up in heaven (which is pretty boring) and hangs out with God (who is way too obsessed with gravity for Patrick's taste). Enter Pete, the little devil with littler horns. This fic is just hilarious and features the best kind of Sarcastic!Patrick POV.

Probably They're Against the Odds, But Hey, Anything Could Happen by Scribblinlenore
Pete's character from CSI meets Patrick's character from Law & Order in prison. It's absolutely genious.
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The plan for this page is simply to bookmark the fics I read that make me want to marry the author's brain because they're simply so friggin' good. No "so-so" fics here, in other words. Just the best stuff.

This is most likely going to be a very long list... :-)
And as the title suggests, this is the Harry Potter fandom list.
If you want Bandom recs, go here.

Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy

The If Sieve by C'est what?
A study in missed oportunities. Draco is trying to figure out how he and Harry go wrong every time. multi-verse, incredibly interesting, utterly heartbreaking and just plain awesome.

Mirror Maze by C'est what?
Sequel to The If Sieve. Harry and Draco are horcrux hunting in a mirror maze which plays up their memories--including Draco's could-have-beens from the sieve. Very good.

Second Impressions by C'est what?
Spin-off of The If Sieve, featuring Slytherin!Harry from one of the could-have-beens. This fic makes me feel so sorry for Draco, it's not even funny. Heartbreaking in the very best of ways. Just fantastic.

Still Life in Wood and Parchment by Scrtkpr
I've been a sucker for epistolar novels since I first read Les Liaisons Dangereuses in college. A Harry/Draco love story through the eyes of Albus and Scorpius, who find a letter corresponance that spans for nineteen years shortly after the events of the Dreadful Epilogue (TM). Perfect UST and just beautiful.

Heart in a Blender by Cheryl Dyson
Harry cheats on his potions making by using a blender. Snape, highly suspicious of the good results he revceives from Harry, sends Draco over to Privet Drive to spy on him. Very light, sexy and, above all, really funny. Do not read at work. :-)

Harry Potter / Ron Weasley

Practice by Serene_Cj
Before I read this, I didn't think that this pairing was possible. I hardly thought Ron--in any pairing--was possible, to be entirely truthful. And then this. Which is just... awkward and sweet and hot and fantastic all at once. Still my favourite HP/RW, even after 50 re-reads.

Give a Little Whistle by Reni Days
Ron has an accident on the job and ends up cursed with insane erections. Luckily, Harry is willing to help him out. Very funny fic.

Harry Potter / Cedric Diggory

Force of Will + Change of Hearts by Rotaryphones
Story plus sequel. Fake!Moody puts the Imperius Curse on Cedric instead of Krum in the maze. Kissing ensues, and Cedric doesn't die. It's all pretty sweet. :-) The sequel, on the other hand, is angry and hot, but also very good.

The Unexpected Task by Rotaryphones
Harry and Ron are miserable after the Yule Ball and decide to brew some Amortentia to get their darlings interested. As can be expected, it doesn't end up going exactly like planned, and Harry finds himself pushed up against a wall by Cedrig Diggory. This is a very funny story, I greatly recommend it.

Hermione Granger / Severus Snape

Sirus / Lupin

General (no'ship)

Forty Points by Emilyray
Tom Riddle-centric. The opening of the Chamber of Secrets and the manipulations around a murder. Chilling and extremely attractive in a very disturbing way.

Translations by Emilyray
Salazar Slytherin-centric. The story behind the Slytherin Founder leaving and how the Basilisk came to be holed up in the basement. Very interesting and really pulls you in.


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