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Hello everyone.

So, my vid for the [ profile] rydenrevival finally posted and can be found here. Or be downloaded here. It's by far the dirtiest vid I've ever made. Huge thanks to [ profile] afterxbirth for linking me all those awesome clips of naked/semi-naked boys getting it on, and even finding a Ryan porn lookalike for me. \o/

Some of the kinkier clips in this are from a TV show called The Lair, which I've now spent most of the day speed watching. It's gay vampires, you guys! Gay vampires running a sex club. And it's not like Queer As Folk where the characters are part of a smaller gay community in an otherwise straight world, but from what I'm getting, everyone is gay in this. I've seen one straight couple so far, and that's it. So awesome! AND, it can be found on YouTube. The acting is kind of insanely terrible at times, but if you like kinky gay sex with lots of closeups on some VERY nice asses and backs, then this is something you need to see. Remember the Friends episode where Joey works as an ass double for Robert Di Niro? Yeah, several of the guys here could totally stand in for Brendon in a closeup shot. :DDD

(I'd recommend fast-forwarding past the "plot" though. It's kind of on the same level as the acting. :))


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