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Happy birthday [ profile] reni_days !

You rock so much it's not even funny. I could make a whole list of all the reasons why I love you to pieces, but that would be long and embarrassing, so I'll just give you some more bunnies instead. Because there can never be too many bunnies. :-DDD (Especially not birthday ones, because they are nice and bring cake. It's true. The lady at the bunnyshop told me so. *nods head*)

*sings Happy Birthday to You and throws confetti*
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Back when [ profile] reni_days was writing Into this Dream I promised her two vids: one for the actual wishverse fic and one for any of her other stories, once the wishverse was done. Obviously, I'm kind of slow, but here it is at last. It's for her fic And Maybe, where Spencer finds out that Brendon used to have a crush on him.

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([ profile] barmy_bunk said I could borrow this userpic. I ♥ her!!!)

So, [ profile] reni_days is writing a story about Brendon wishing himself into another universe where Spencer has always been his best friend. And she kind of got stuck, so I made this to cheer her up a bit while she writes. Consider it a teaser. (Or a trailer. IDK, maybe it's both. :-)) Enjoy. ♥

ETA: Story is now finished and can be found here. Go read. :)


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