May. 18th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Dear Brendon and Spencer (and the rest of the male population, because seriously, this is VERY IMPORTANT, mkay?)

Pornstaches are evil. Please do not wear them.

Exibit A:

You are much MUCH hotter without.

Exibit B:


(Who says you can't change the world with photoshop? Totally makes for a way nicer world. :D)
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I've been reading a lot of fic in the past few days. Mainly because I've done a lot of art for BBB and simultaneously been on a huge Supernatural kink. And doing so, I've been thinking a lot about fic warnings, especially the non-con and dub-con ones. Not about whether you should warn for such things (because that's a whole different discussion) but what the actual definitions for these labels are, because frankly, I'm a little confused.

More on this under the cut. )
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I went and saw the Sherlock Holmes movie today. Like everyone said, it was wonderfully slashy. (Favourite moments included: squabbling over the shared dog, Watson telling Holmes that yes, he did leave the stove on, and Holmes comment of "Take me down, my tongue is going numb, and then I'll be of no use to you". lol.) Despite the fact that the homoerotic subtext comes through loud and clear (not to mention constantly, seriously, this film is NOT subtle), in the end, Watson still marries a girl. And Holmes has a ~moment with Rachel Adams on a bridge.

It seems to me, as bromance is growing more and more popular in mainstream media, that this is becoming a pattern. Take Merlin. Arthur had more chemistry with a rock in S1, but Guinevere was still there, safely in the spot of future queen, because that's how everyone seems to think it's supposed to go. Boy marries girl, not his male best friend, and if two guys mean the world to each other, then there'd better be a girl in the picture to make sure they're not actually gay. more )
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People who are being nice to others = ♥
We should all be doing that, I think.
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There are few things in the world that make me genuinely pissed off and depressed all at once. Homophobia and other kinds of bigotry is one. Misguided feminism is another.

A while back, me and my guy went to the store and got one copy of a guy magazine (lots of naked chicks, equivalent of Penthouse/Playboy) and one copy of Cosmo. We then compared and contrasted how women were portrayed in them.

The results were frightenly similar, except Cosmo was worse, and I don't understand why the female population as large is not getting this.

Being worth just as much as someone will pay for you (in time and attention) or that you will pay for a purse is not being a strong, independent woman. Building your self esteem on how other people see you ("X said I was beautiful today, now I'm all happy again") is NOT healthy! Valuing your talents and ideas just as high as other people value them is not believing in yourself. Looking down on/Trashing girls who fail to conform (who break the rules in the giant pink rule book) is putting back equality another 50 years.

I've seen a lot of Keltie-praising comments since she and Ryan broke up, and it friggin' scares me. Keltie is not a role model. Are you even reading what she writes? There is enough pain, insecurity and desperation in there to flood a country. She's trapped in the Cosmo lie, just like a lot of the female population, and it makes me really sad, because she, like the rest of us, wouldn't have to be. Stop making your own prisons. Grow some balls. Watch Moulin Rouge again and see Satine for what she is--trapped and insecure, just looking for someone to save her. And it depresses me like nothing else when people look at that think that they aren't worth more, that that's the ideal, how things are supposed to be.

Cosmopolitan is not your friend. Next time you're picking one up, take a Penthouse instead. It will say the same thing, but at least, it will be honest with you.

/end rant
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Some information in a comment to my post a few days ago where Ryan holds up a sign saying "Ryden exists" made me sad. It also made me angry. Not at the commenter, of course, but at ourselves as fans, and at the lack of respect we sometimes unwittingly tend to display towards the people we adore.

So here's my manifesto. Peace and love, people.

Important note on the distinction between real people and fandom people )


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