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Title: Defiance
Promt: Bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)
Pairing: Brendon/person of your choice (Ryan. Of course it's Ryan. :))
Rating: R (NC-17? How do you rate art, anyway?)
Media: Photoshop manip

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It's kink-bingo season! \o/ Let's go.

A Love So Sweet
Brendon/Spencer | NC-17 | one-shot |1670 words
Sexy baking. And maybe a food fight. (wet and messy + food)
For kink-bingo 2010

Spencer looks up from what he’s doing and turns around. Brendon is standing in the doorway, wearing what he usually wears to bed, which is to say nothing at all. )
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And the second one! For [ profile] behindthec, who's been nagging me to write more Spyro.

BFF (With Benefits) Bandom | Spencer/Ryan | NC-17 | one-shot | 1000 words
Baby!Spyro barebacking shenanigans in Spencer's bedroom. \o/!
For kink-bingo 2009

This way to some underage porn. )
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TWO kink-bingo entries today! Who knew writer's block could be so productive?

Happy Halloween Bandom | Brendon/Spencer | NC-17 | one-shot | 3090 words
Brendon likes to play dress up. Spencer likes to watch. (crossdressing—lingerie, crossdressing—outfits, manhandling)
For kink-bingo 2009

Everybody scream... )
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More kink-bingo porn. I have writer's block on the CSI verse and am trying to compensate.

Tie Me Up Bandom | Spencer/Patrick | light R | one-shot | 870 words
Basically, he wants to be tied down. Ryan would probably laugh in his face for how painfully unoriginal the idea is. (bondage—wrist restraints)
For kink-bingo 2009

As far as kinks go, Spencer's is pretty vanilla. )
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Trying to catch up at the kink-bingo thing. The people I'm playing against are kicking my ass. :-)

Because I Love Your Face Bandom | GSF (Brendon/Spencer) | NC-17 | one-shot | 960 words
Spencer can't get enough of Brendon's pretty face. And some bonus four-way porn. (Facials)
For kink-bingo 2009 (Lots of bonus kinks in this one. I'm hoping to turn this into a four-way mirror with a kink for each character. We'll see how it turns out.)

Have some porn. Spencer is directing it again. )
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Some kink-bingo porn to celebrate the release of Panic's new single. :-)
This is kind of cracky and ridiculous. You have been warned.

Can We Fast-Forward To Go Down On Me? Bandom | Brendon/Ryan | NC-17 | one-shot | 2020 words
Brendon and Ryan getting it on in a supply closet. Deep-throating with bonus hair-pulling.
For kink-bingo 2009

Ryan really, really wanted a proper blow job. )
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This fic started with me adopting an adorable little fluffy bunny from [ profile] reni_days. And then that bunny kind of fell into a hat and came out a bird, or a very kinky hamster, or, hell, idek.

Photography kink porn. Five thousand words of it. Enjoy.

Overexposed Bandom | GSF | NC-17 | one-shot | 5100 words
Jon wants to take some pictures. Of... contrast. And stuff.

“Um... sure?” Jon says, taking another picture. “Anything specific you wanted to try?”

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a shoulder shift, which means that Brendon is probably moving his arm. Jon looks away from the camera, following the movement down Brendon's body, nearly choking on a breath when he sees Brendon's hand pop open another button in his jeans, then one more, continuing until he can push the denim down over his hips and press the heel of his hand against the front of his boxers.

“Yeah,” Brendon says, pulling Jon's attention back up to his face. “But you can only watch through the camera, and you can't shoot anything below my shoulders. You okay with that?”

Come on, this is screaming photo op. )
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Kicking off the kink-bingo with some aphrodisiacs and sensory deprivation ficlets. I also have half a photography/voyeurism/exhibitionism/pretty much my ENTIRE card combo written where Jon and Brendon take ~artistic pictures in Ryan's guestroom.

Teaser for that )

So, ficlets, yes. Panic GSF all the way. Enjoy.

Aphrodisiacs Bandom | GSF | NC-17 | one-shot | 1035 words
Brendon is a pleasure junkie. Spencer has a really good birthday present planned.

Happy birthday to you )

Sensory Deprivation Bandom | GSF | NC-17 | one-shot | 1350 words
Ryan likes to just feel things.

It's just easier that way )
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There's a fic something (writing festival/competition thingy?) called the kink-bingo kicking off that I got lured into. Basically you get a bingo card and then you write 500 word ficlets for each kink. And then, if you get bingo, you win prizes and stuff. I'm not that interested in the prize part, but... kinks!

And this is the randomised card I got. Friggin' epically sweet. :-D )

ETA: fandoms I actually write/feel like I probably could write (if you want to increase the odds of something getting picked) include: bandom, AI, HP, BtVS/Angel, CSI Las Vegas and Friends. Slash only, please. The odds of me going back into het are slim to none.


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