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Okay, so this gave me a minor heart attack:
(then, fortunately, the analytical part of my brain kicked in to remind me that the chances of me being justified in that paranoia are miniscule, thank God.)

Also, something that's been annoying me when reading fic lately: lie vs lay. Now, the way I've always known it, "lie" is intransitive (I lie down on the bed) and "lay" is transitive (I lay my book down on the bed), so whenever I come across someone using "lay" in sentences like "Ryan lays down on the bed", I get confused.

(Maybe this is different in American English, though, or sliding towards establishing itself in Am Eng (because I see so many people do it, including really excellent writers), so if it is, just ignore me. :))

In other news, I realised I haven't posted anything since New Years. This is very depressing to me. I feel like I need to get my writing kick-started again, somehow. Anyone who has any ideas/good techniques to make that happen?


Apr. 27th, 2010 12:08 am
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This meme feels like it was made for me.
ghakked from [ profile] salire. Let's go. :)

(clicky link)
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This is probably going to be quite full of unpopular opinions, so let me start by clarifying that at no point in this am I trying to 1) criticise a specific writer 2) say that certain characterisations are better than others. This is just things in my head, completely subjective in the way personal preferences always are. Everyone is entitled to like what they do, and I think that's important. We all have different tastes, and that's a good thing.

Completely subjective musings about fandom characterisation here )
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Writing CSI AU. Again. Drunk-writing CSI AU, even, which right now seems like a fantastic idea. Creativity flowing and all that. It's possibly the three new scenes I just wrote will all be trashed tomorrow, but right now, life is good.

AND I just got this idea. For... a competition of sorts. )

ETA: Now closed. TBC on results.
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So PATD "canon" is going all Rywalk + Brencer lately (if you ignore the new girlfriends popping up, which I mostly do, even though I have to say--Ryan's new girl? Holy shit! Forget about Ryan, I want to [insert verb here] her. Gnungh! Way to go, dude. *applauds from sidelines and hopes for more pics*) and suddenly, fandom has shifted to accomodate it. It's really interesting when you go back a bit and read older fic, where you'll have your Ryden and Joncer, and then, hiding a little behind them, the other pairings sort of give you a little wave, as though to say "Yeah, we know, okay? Sorry. But if we don't bother you, can we pretend that it's a whole other universe and that Brencer could actually happen? Please?" And then the boys post a few tweets and pics of jonfires and Leno shows, and suddenly it's all "Brencer FTW!" and "Of COURSE it was going to be Rywalk! They were MADE for each other!" etc, etc, insert flail here.

(I do find it exceptionally amusing that people stubbornly refuse to include Eric, though. I mean, COME ON! The guy has been playing with them forever and is in a thousand pics (now that we know it's him. lol.) and he bought a house and is living with Ryan. If Brendon had done that, people would be writing Ryden wedding!fic. (They ARE writing wedding!fic, even without any prompting from the boys.) Ryan and Spencer crashed on air mattresses in Brendon's house for a few weeks, and people were writing OT3 like mad (I very much approved XD), but Eric somehow hasn't made the cut. LOL. It's his looks, right? That's why people don't write him? He looks kind of evil and creepy in pics? Or it could be from sheer laziness, people going "Fuck no, we already have SEVEN pairings to deal with here (not counting OT3's). My tags couldn't handle *counts* ELEVEN of them!" Which, yes, fair point and all, but obviously Shane made it, so I'm inclined to think it's more the looks thing. Or people just have a bigger kink for photography/filming/fun results of those two things.)

But, back to the point, which was fic. And how people are now (correct me if I'm wrong) leaning more towards Rywalk and Brencer as "canon" than before (as much "canon" as you can have when all they guys are openly in straight relationships), and sort of pushing Ryden and Joncer back into either future!fic, past!fic or AU. Sort of like the whole of fandom is going "Yeah, we know, okay? We were obviously wrong and the issue is dead and agreed on, but can we just stay in the back here and pretend it could/could have happen/ed? Please? We won't bother you, swear to god." I notice this myself when I search for fic. I have a collection of tinhats, and they're all very shiny. Six months ago, I would not go near a fic that wasn't Ryden, Joncer or Spyro unless it was recced to heaven and back (then came [ profile] reni_days and Brencer was totally on the table). Three months ago, I would still skip anything Jondon or Rywalk, because most of the things there I found to be either boring or not believable (or both). And it's changing in my head. I read all PATD pairings now. I'm branching out a little when I write. I plotted not one, but TWO Brencer fics (out of which one is a TRILOGY), which is insane, and I'm still not sure if I'll be able to pull it off without it slipping into Ryden, Spyro or both. (And don't say "OT3" *warning eyebrow*.)

What do you guys think of this? Anything you've noticed/been affected by?

Oh, and while you're at it, go read this meta post on the dynamics of the different PATD pairings. It's interesting and fun. I especially like the Rywalk description (Rywalk is tricky to write because both characters tend to be passive and not DO anything about the UST they're having. LOL, [ profile] fannyt could tell you all about this problem with the fic she's writing now. Listening to her rant about Jon's passivity is hilariously funny.)
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This is about six months old, so you guys have probably already seen it, but just in case you haven't I'm going to link it up for you.

This Abbey Road interview/mini-concert just kind of pinpoints everything I love about this band. It's just such a nice sound. I especially love the way they play I Write Sins, Not Tragedies here--it's like a mix of Fever and Pretty Odd, and I just love it.

And all the smiles going around. Really, these guys just make me happy. I wish this was my life. I'd love to just hang around with my best friends and play music and talk about carrot sticks and be freaked out together about being too young and too famous and deal with all of the pressure together, in friggin' Abbey Road Studios with sun coming through the windows and with guitars in your hands.

PATD at Abbey Road - Part I
PATD at Abbey Road - Part II

(Yes, I made some fanart too. YouTube wouldn't embed these vids and I really wanted a pretty Panic banner to go with them. :-))
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I saw [ profile] ignipes and [ profile] elucrech do this one, and, hey, what can I say? Evil is fun. Just ask [ profile] lolab who has still not written me any yoga porn, dammit! :-D

Evil fic tease meme: Post a single line from any unfinished fics / WIP's you have lying around your computer. No context, no explanations. Heh.

Come on, you know you want to )

I had forgotten I had some of these. LOL.
After bigbang for some of them. Definitely. :-)
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A rec to this new(ish?) band just showed up on my f-list: The Downtown Fiction (anyone who's heard of them before?)

Click the link and check out their songs, because whoa! I'd call it FOB on a good day. Rocky and bouncy without being bland. I got a bit of a Saturday/Sugar, We're Going Down-vibe from it.

And the singer is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I have such a weakness for guys who stay in key, it's not even funny. A very pleasant voice in my opinion. (There are definite similarities to both Brendon and Patrick there. Where the heck was Pete when these guys popped up? They seem like they were made for the Decaydance family.)

Also, he looks like this:

If this isn't the lost Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross lovechild, I don't know what is.
I mean look at this guy! (Though it might also be the William Beckett/Ryan Ross lovechild, I haven't entirely decided yet. :-D)
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Gahk. I've gotten stuck on my BBB fic. Not only is it growing into absurd dimensions with the speed of light, but I've also managed to somehow get myself completely blocked on all my storylines. *facepalm*

Maybe I should just write a bb!patrick love!fic instead. He's stealing the entire show as it is anyway, and most of my problems actually stem from trying to keep him off the page, dammit! Hmmm...

But! Being stuck and blocked, I finally got my ass off the ground and updated and indexed my fanfiction masterpage. So now it's all nice and organised by date OR pairing with internal links and everything. *is proud*

Also, I realised that there were a whole bunch of fics on [ profile] lolab's fic page that I hadn't read yet. It was a little bit like Christmas. With a cupcake on top. :-D
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I was tagged by [ profile] shinodarely, which made me kind of ridiculously happy. ♥

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

Okay, so usually, I don't do these things myself, because they tend to get out of hand and not mean anything anymore, but this made me really happy, and since I came into Bandom, I'm a much happier person, and you guys did that, so.

People who totally make my day:

[ profile] lariopefic I'm marrying this girl. No joke.
[ profile] reni_days This one too. Except she won't have me unless I magically turn into Patrick Stump. :-)
[ profile] fannyt Who is just the perfect match for me when it comes to hugging.
[ profile] cynicsandsaints My Bandom ciceron, and the first person who friended me in here.
[ profile] chicken_cookie Who does not have my brain and therefore is able to slap me over the head when my fic does not make sense. Also, she's promised to write an utterly demented Winnie the Pooh AU with me. \o/
[ profile] afterxbirth Who sends the best links EVER.
[ profile] ivesia19 My Ryden partner in crime.
[ profile] lolab Who seems to share my dirty mind. Heh.
[ profile] cest_what Who gave me 10 pages of the most useful concrit ever, which added a whole new focus to my writing.
[ profile] karluvmost and [ profile] cardel Who always comment and are just generally sweet.

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, guys. *smooches*
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So I've been on a bit of a GSF bender lately. I've also branced out a bit with regards to the pairings I usually read--more mix-and-match, less hey-where-are-the-new-ryden-fics-yo? I kind of blame [ profile] beachan18_recs and her little blinking hearts that make me click links without really meaning to when I really should be doing other things than flailing over fanfic.

And when you're on a bender, you start to notice certain patterns when it comes to characterisations and pairing dynamics. Like who gets to top whom in what constallation.

Completely subjective and unscientific findings )

Yes? No? Discuss, f-list, discuss! :-D
Or, you know, slap me over the head, whichever you feel is more appropriate.
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My very tall, blond Viking lawyer friend just hooked me up with THE funniest and most awesome site ever. It's called TV tropes and is basically Wikipedia - for FANDOM! It is the most amazing thing ever. My stomach hurts so, so much from laughing that it's not even funny (except it IS, omg, so funny!)

Go check out right away.

Also, it has this picture in the entry for twincest that I just can't stop laughing at.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:19 pm
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Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love this fandom any more, Ryan Ross goes and writes this on his blog. And yes, that was funny, but the real awesomeness is the way everyone's LJ is suddenly erupting with glee and happiness and CAPSLOCKS OF SUNSHINY FLAIL.

I'm wondering if the boys have suddenly ventured into fandom and seen how much happiness they bring to people out here and that's the reason for all the fic-inspiring comments lately.

If so, then they are completely awesome people.
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Anyone out there who's had previous experience reading/writing/betaing CSI Las Vegas fanfiction? Or who's just a huge fan of the show and knows all about protocols and lingo and character history? (or at least has good links to where to find the damn things) And if so, would you consider being the most wonderful person on earth and helping me knitpick story stuff for my bigbang fic? (and rescue Gil Grissom Ryan Ross from having to solve a case with evidence that makes NO SENSE and only grows in Outer Mongolia or something while messing up all of his reports with the wrong police codes and getting bitchslapped by Detective Jim Brass Pete Wentz for ruining the investigation.)

The wonderful Google has completely let me down on this, and I don't have time to rewatch 9 seasons of CSI because, well, I have Peterick pr0n to write. :-)

Please help? ♥
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Okay, I need help from you canon-savvy folks out there. I need Patrick's parents' names for my bigbang fic. Because they have cameos and I kind of like the idea of going all out and getting some of the details at least mostly right.

So, does anyone know? WikiAnswers told me it was David and Patricia. Is this true? Does someone named Patricia really name their kid Patrick? I iz very skeptic...

(If no one knows, I will name them Christopher and Marcia, because those are cool parents' names, yo.)
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Plot petty much entirely worked out and writing started. This is so much fun. Today's result = the very beginning + a page of steamy joncer sex against a panoramic window. It's vaguely disturbing to be this cheered up by writing AU porn about virtual strangers cast as scripted people, but it made the sucky, sucky day at work a thousand times better, so I'm not going to look that particular gift horse in the mouth.

Question, you guys: when you write, do you go from start to finish or do you write little snippets and scenes here and there and tie it all together later on? Also, what do you tend to write first -> last out of action, dialogue and description?

(I used to write start -> finish (and I still do with some shorter things), but lately, I've been jumping around A LOT, just trying to keep up with my brain as it comes up with ideas. I think I have about five WIPs on my desktop entirely comprised of random comments and little pieces of dialogue now. *facepalms*)
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Apparently, my favourite Panic pairings are now actual words. It's true! I read it on the Internet. (And I can't even begin to think about how many nerd points that entails. Probably about a million seeing how loudly they make my inner fangirl giggle and squee. :-))

Question, though, guys: what do they actually mean?

I mean, am I even using them correctly? (very important that--what would the world look like if we just let words run loose and started using them out of their traditional context for which they were made at the dawn of time? seriously?)

So, help me out here and let me know if I'm on the right track:

RYDEN (v, tr.) = to love something so much you want to throw it on a bed, attack its neck with wet kisses (preferably in front of an audience) and declare your undying devotion with intricate metaphors and/or grand gestures?

JONCER (adj) = made out of pure awesomeness, sunshine, puppies and everything good. Smells like Christmas and smiles so bright it will make you die (or at least swoon) blissfully on a regular basis?

Cookies in question being these:

(I know, right? Totally, totally joncer cookies! Or not, let me know. :-))
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[ profile] vicious_remarks convinced me to give Fall Out Boy a try, and Oh. My. Friggin'. God! The music! The lyrics! Patrick Stump's voice! I'm completely and utterly in love.

So forget about jumping on the train, I've thrown myself on top of it, running hollywoodesquely from carriage to carriage to get to the front and drive the friggin' thing. Passed a record store on my way home from work and am now the proud and slightly gleefully deranged owner of the last three albums. And completely in love (in case I forgot to mention that part :-D)

Patrick Stump, I love your voice. And singing together with Brendon should come with a warning, because swooning in a staircase could lead to all sorts of impractical things.

AND, I convinced my friend and fellow writer [ profile] fannyt to come with me to London in March and go hear Fall Out Boy live. First ever concert. Completely excited. So if you have any tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your concert experience (how long before you should get there, how to not end up in a back corner where you can't see anything and so on) I'd be really grateful.

On to listen to "Hum Halleluja" for the 143rd time.
So, so many hearts...


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