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Last of my long HP fics to be reposted. Thought It'd be nice to have everything in the same place.

Ten Things I Hate About You | Severus Snape/Hermione Granger | NC-17 | chaptered (15) | 56500 words

Inspired by the ever-popular WIKTT Marriage Law Challenge. Snape and Hermione have to get married and neither is very happy about it. On the other hand, strong potions and compromises can get you a long way… If you like dark humour, this should be a piece for you.

Warnings: Not a fluffy fic. References and occasional flashbacks to domestic abuse and domestic rape (not between main characters). Both Snape and Hermione are very flawed in this. It is very angsty. (Also, I wrote it back in 2004, so... yes. um. :))

Part One (chapters 1-3)
Part Two (chapters 4-5)
Part Three (chapters 6-8)
Part Four (chapters 9-11)
Part Five (chapters 12-13)
Part Six (chapters 14 + epilogue)
redorchids: (Default) randomly took down my old fic page. *grumbles* So I'm reposting the old fic I had there here instead. Trip down the memory lane for sure. Some of this just makes me go "Oh God *facepalm*", some of it I find kind of endearing. :-) (This was all in the time of posting at Ashwinder where they're not so strict on punctuation, okay, so keep that in mind. It's not bugs, it's features. Like little rips in vintage clothing. :-))

Eulogy to Light )
In Vino Veritas )

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