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I love fanfiction. That's pretty much what you need to know about me, because if you get that, most other things kind of fall into place. Since I love fanfiction, I also like writing it (which explains where all my free time is disappearing to), and illustrating it (which leads us to my slightly unhealthy obsession with Photoshop), and posting it (which explains the communities) and getting masses of reviews (which tells you all about my dreams and aspirations). So yes. Fanfic. That pretty much says it all. :-D

So, what kind of fanfic? Slash, slash and more slash. I do enjoy other types as well, if they're well-written (gen is totally fine), but normally, het bores me. If you want me to read het, you should not point me at the PWP section, because really, I'm still to find anything there that's hotter than its slash equivalent.

Favourite fandoms include Bandom (P!atD), Harry Potter (Any pairing except Snarry, because for some reason, Snarry totally freaks me out), Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin), BtVS (Any pairing with Xander, but also a long-time Spuffy fan--exception to the het rule :-)), Friends and CSI (Las Vegas. Ok, so here's the second exception. I'm a total Sara/Grissom fan)
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