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First of all, hi. :) This is my first year participating in Yuletide, and I'm really excited about it. I've done a whole bunch of other exchanges in the past, but this one is all new and shiny. So yay. :)

About me: I have very wide tastes, so I'm generally very easy to please. Gen, slash, femslash, het, poly are all a-OK with me (I have a special place in my heart for gen and poly, but what I'm really interested in are relationships between people, romantic or not, so, you know, full freedom on this point, I guess. (Ratings are the same--I enjoy anything from G to NC-17)

Style-wise, I have a preference for either intricate and plotty (angst is fine) or light-hearted and funny, but I'm not really picky on this point either.

Favourites include: fake/pretend relationship, friends-to-lovers, found family (favourite!), friendship, honest communication, time-travel, what-if/alternate dimension, soulbonds, mind-reading, sensation play, light bondage, teasing and wish-fulfillment.

Things I don't like can generally be put under "abuse" (sexual or not), such as:
rape, non-con, physical abuse (especially of children), stockholm syndrome, unsafe BDSM etc. (note: I don't mind these as backstory/setting/part of a world, but I generally don't like fics focused on these issues or, worse, using abuse-elements as kinks). As for kinks (as long as its SSC), my only real no-nos are scat and watersports.

About my prompts:

1. Shelter (Zach, Gabe, Cody, Shaun)
Shelter is the ultimate feel good movie for me in the category "found family", so anything in that verse would make me really happy. Friendship! Love! Family! \o/

2. Wicked (Elphaba, Glinda, Fyero)
Anything and everything. Extra bonus for something centered around Elphaba and Glinda. Missing scene from the uni days? Post-musical? What-if?

3. Dollhouse (Topher, Sierra, Victor, Whiskey)
I love Dollhouse, but I find Echo annoying. And Paul even more so. It seems like such a waste to have them as the main characters/pairing of the show when the minor characters are so much more interesting. So, minor character fic! Tohper, Sierra, Victor and Whiskey are my favourites.

4. The Internship (Lyle, Neha, Mr. Chetty)
Something funny would be ideal for this prompt, I think. Maybe something post-movie? Or a missing scene? Neha and Lyle discovering a shared fandom? Mr Chetty being awesome? Feel free to insert meta. I love meta.

5. Friends (Chandler)
Something Chandler-centric (not Chandler/Monica if possible). Friendship fic would be idea here. Wacky adventures! (Or, you know, some Joey/Chandler is always hot :))

6. Legally Blonde (Elle, Vivian, Enid)
Something that focuses on the female characters. Because they are awesome. And funny. And deserve fic of their own without it being centered around trying to catch a man. Elle&Vivian BFFs.

So, those are some ideas, but really, feel free to go wherever inspiration strikes. Thank you so much in advance!


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