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A few months back, I offered to make something pretty for [ profile] blindmouse for being a completely kick-ass beta. She couldn't think of anything for herself, but mentioned that she had a friend who would love to see [ profile] softlyforgotten and [ profile] zarah5's high school AU In Case This Scene Gets Nasty turned into a fanvid. I love this fic and thought this was a pretty awesome idea, so dear anonymous friend of [ profile] blindmouse, here is the vid. Sorry for being a very slow person and taking forever to make it. :)

Also, big thank you to [ profile] softlyforgotten and [ profile] zarah5 for a) writing the fic in the first place, and b) saying it was cool for me to play with it.

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Looking back at a year of fannish activity is pretty darn interesting. A year ago, I was writing Crossroads and just starting to think about how cool it would be to maybe write a CSI AU. :D It feels like a long time ago.


Longer things )
Commentfic-y stuff )
Porny stuff )
Funny, fluffy and cracky stuff )


Companion vids to existing fanfics )
Stand-alones )

In conclusion: 27 fics, 172,935 words. And 6 vids. Holy shit, that's a lot of fandom stuff. :D Resolution for 2010: Finish the CSI verse. And pick some of my WIPs back up. (I'm not doing an amnesty right now, because I'm a clingy person, and these stories are my babies. I might have to admit defeat on some of them at some point, but right now, I'm putting my hands over my ears and doing a LALALLALALALA kind of thing. :))

Happy 2010 everyone. ♥
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Does anyone know how to make video tutorials (on a pc running Win Vista), i.e. recording what happens on your screen while you create something cool? I want to make one for how to fanvid in Sony Vegas. Because that program is awesome and totally kicks Movie Maker's ass. :D

Oh, and if you know the same thing for a mac running snowleopard/OSX, please send over that info as well.
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Hello everyone.

So, my vid for the [ profile] rydenrevival finally posted and can be found here. Or be downloaded here. It's by far the dirtiest vid I've ever made. Huge thanks to [ profile] afterxbirth for linking me all those awesome clips of naked/semi-naked boys getting it on, and even finding a Ryan porn lookalike for me. \o/

Some of the kinkier clips in this are from a TV show called The Lair, which I've now spent most of the day speed watching. It's gay vampires, you guys! Gay vampires running a sex club. And it's not like Queer As Folk where the characters are part of a smaller gay community in an otherwise straight world, but from what I'm getting, everyone is gay in this. I've seen one straight couple so far, and that's it. So awesome! AND, it can be found on YouTube. The acting is kind of insanely terrible at times, but if you like kinky gay sex with lots of closeups on some VERY nice asses and backs, then this is something you need to see. Remember the Friends episode where Joey works as an ass double for Robert Di Niro? Yeah, several of the guys here could totally stand in for Brendon in a closeup shot. :DDD

(I'd recommend fast-forwarding past the "plot" though. It's kind of on the same level as the acting. :))
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So, I signed up for the Ryden Revival festival/party/thing that [ profile] ivesia19 posted about on her journal (and which you should all go check out, because RYDEN REVIVAL \o/!!! Remember how great it was when it went on at [ profile] softlyforgotten's (was it? I don't remember who started it anymore) LJ a few months back? LET'S DO IT AGAIN! :-D) and promised to make a vid. Which I have now started doing.

Pleas for porn recs and random drooling )
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Back when [ profile] reni_days was writing Into this Dream I promised her two vids: one for the actual wishverse fic and one for any of her other stories, once the wishverse was done. Obviously, I'm kind of slow, but here it is at last. It's for her fic And Maybe, where Spencer finds out that Brendon used to have a crush on him.

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So, [ profile] fannyt and I went for coffee one day, which somehow ended up with the two of us watching our way through my Eddie Izzard DVD box at 2 am while drinking several bottles of wine. Somewhere in the middle of this, we realised that the Sebastian-arranging-matches scene from Dressed to Kill was a perfect metaphor for Rywalk and then things went downhill pretty quickly.

So here. Bandom writing and pairing clich├ęs--Eddie Izzard style. Complete and utter crack. No offense meant to anyone, be it writers, readers, action transvestites or pretty boys. :-)

I blame the wine. Really, I do.
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([ profile] barmy_bunk said I could borrow this userpic. I ♥ her!!!)

So, [ profile] reni_days is writing a story about Brendon wishing himself into another universe where Spencer has always been his best friend. And she kind of got stuck, so I made this to cheer her up a bit while she writes. Consider it a teaser. (Or a trailer. IDK, maybe it's both. :-)) Enjoy. ♥

ETA: Story is now finished and can be found here. Go read. :)
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It's done. [ profile] lolab's epic Ryden masterpiece Back To the Place (aka PCCF), that I had the priviledge to work with him on, is completed. If you haven't read it yet, go do so. It's more than worth your time.

I've been over at the last chapter post, comment-stalking, and I just wanted to say thank you, really from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thank you to everyone showing their support and quoting their favourite passages and so on. I know it means a lot to Colin, and to me too. Every time I see one of my scenes quoted, I go all ♥___♥ and flaily. Thank you so much.

Also, crossposting the vid for this fic. I'm glad you all seem to be enjoying it. It was such a fun thing to work on. Getting Sony Vegas has made vidding into such a treat. I can't wait to get started with my next project. :-)

If the vid doesn't play (YouTube is way sneakier than me, so it's blocked for some countries), you can watch it directly in your media player or download it here.

If you have any questions/comments about the vid and/or any of the scenes I wrote for pccf, feel free. I won't be replying too much in Colin's LJ, because I feel kinda weird doing that, but anything you post in a comment over here, I'll be happy to answer. :-)

Thanks again, guys. You're the best. PCCF has been a fantastic ride for me as well. I'm so happy I got to be a part of it.

Special thanks to [ profile] afterxbirth, who finds all the best porn. And to [ profile] fannyt and [ profile] reni_days who make me happy and always know exactly what to say to unlock my brain and make anything dark and frustrating just melt away.

And Colin. I am so completely in love with you and your genious brain. You can totally have sex my babies any time you want. ♥
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Vid for PCCF is done (and will be uploaded once we get chapter 8 finished). Big yays all around. Now, my next vidding project is a little something for [ profile] reni_days who just makes me happy with how sweet and funny and adorably quirky she is. She's writing a story that I am completely in love with, and it kind of got stuck, so to help her out, I'm making a vid to it, hoping to bring a little bit of sunshine and inspiration back.

And I know I'm not the only one here who tends to go all heart eyes over Reni, so you guys want to help out? I need source material. AKA clips. Lots of them. Of the following:

- Spencer sunshine smiles. LOTS OF THEM \o/
- Spencer and Ryan tender/funny BFF moments
- Brendon/Spencer moments (all kinds)
- Spencer/Brendon body-double makeouts and porn ([ profile] afterxbirth, I'm counting on you! :-D)

Note: I need both bb!Spencer shots (the pretty girl-no-beard look) and present day Spencer (the gruffy hot-as-hell look), though feel free to skip the hippie phase with the ugly headbands and too-long beard. lol.

- The inside of a really cool house that's very Spencer/Brendon
- Supersweet, romantice failboats in love kind of scenes. Boys kissing in parks. Flowers. Rainbows. Candlelit dinners.
- A shot of a montstrous birthday cake (white and blue if possible) and someone blowing out candles.

So let's bring out the sunshine, shall we? Seeing as it's spring and everything.
Love you guys. ♥
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Companion vid to this story. YouTube put restricted access on it because of the song I used though, so if you have a problem watching it in your country, click here. (right-click and choose "save target as" to download, left-click to watch online - ca 40 Mb)

Also, I haz title for the upcoming mirror fics! (thanks to [ profile] fannyt, who I love and adore):

Nightingale (with subtitles for each version)

Peterick: path I - And Not the Lark
Ryden: path II - Berkely Square
Joncer: path III - Ode to Keats


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