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I've finally started the work of crossposting all my fic to AO3 (It will still remain on LJ too, I just love the idea of having everything easily organised and get actual STATS. Also, kudos! \o/) So far, the CSI-verse and the assassins!verse have made the move. I'm hoping to get the rest of it over there within a couple of weeks. (Yay, masterlist that updates itself! :D)

What are you guys up to?
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Eeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!! The lovely [ profile] reena_jenkins has podficced The Winner Takes It All!!!! Go check it out right here:

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Brb, flailing. :DDDDD
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Prompting at the[ profile] hd_fan_fair’s 2012 H/D Career Fair
starts June 5!

Banner by Heathen.

Rules and Timeline
of [ profile] hd_fan_fair's H/D Career Fair

Anyone who wants to join with me? ([ profile] fannyt, I'm looking at you :)))
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[ profile] fannyt and I commited HP fic! We might also be slightly intoxicated. A tiny bit.

Please visit the lovely AO3 for your daily dose of crack
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OR yet another post of "Today, I want fic where..." :)

Hunger Games/Bandom crossovers/fusions. I wants them. Especially the following two:

1) Brendon is reaped from District 11 for the Xth Hunger Games. His mentor is Pete, who managed to win his year mainly by being very camera-manipulation savvy. So, since Brendon has practically no skills with wich to survive the arena (he's an apple picker. he can climb trees and such, but not much more than that, has never handled a weapon etc) except for his personality and good looks, Pete decides that he needs an alliance. And it just so happens that one of the Careers from District 2 is trying VERY HARD to keep his eyes away during training week. So Brendon is tasked with befriending Spencer and, ideally, to seduce him, which does not please Spencer's mentor Zack in the slightest. Once the games start, Spencer and Brendon somehow DO end up working together, as well as forming an unlikely alliance with the guys from District 5 (Dallon) and 3 (Ian). Hijinks, confused feelings and heaps of UST ensue. Also, the arena is a completely hellish construction built in caves *inside* an active volcano. \o/

2) Brendon and Spencer are both mentors (from different districts) for the Xth Hunger Games. Brendon is fresh out of his own games and isn't handling the whole mentoring thing very well, while Spencer is completely in love with him in secret (and has been since seeing Brendon in the arena--possibly Spencer even sent him something in there in spite of Brendon being from a different district) but is desperately trying to keep his distance since loving people is a huge liability when the Capitol has oh so many uses for you that it would like to coerce you into (which makes Spencer even more desperate to help Brendon, who is really too pretty for his own good AND has a whole family back home ripe for the picking). Secret love! Desperate sex! H/C! \o/

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Just realised who I'd want to play Finnick Odair in HG2 and 3: Bradley James. Obviously.

See, this is a great example of where being the master of the universe would come in very handy. *sigh*
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Spent most of today reading the first book, and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm a sucker for dystopias in general (as evidenced by the fact that two of my all-time favourite books are 1984 and Brave New World. And from a dystopian perspective, The Hunger Games is pure excellence. The added layer of mind-fuckery that comes from the characters having to play the cameras WHILE trying to survive in a very hostile environment AND figure out how to kill each other? Very, very good.

On the downside, I found Katniss (the main character) way too Mary Sue for my tastes. The only time I really liked her were whenever she was interacting with the drunk mentor. Peeta, on the other hand, I have very high hopes for. He seems to have a very natural knack for manipulation, and I can't wait to find out how long of a game he's playing. (If he turns out not to be playing one, I'll be extremely disappointed; not quite on the same level as when JKR shot herself repeatedly in the foot re: Snape and Dumbledore, but it'll definitely be up there on the list)

But yes, THG. I liked it. Very excited for both book 2 and the movie. Also, the fic possibilities it presents. Don't think I'd want to read anything with Katniss in it, really (unless it's a fic that turns her into a much more interesting character), but the universe is awesome, and I want ALL THE CROSSOVERS/FUSIONS EVER. Especially the Sherlock ones. And an X-Men FC one would likely be glorious. AND A MERLIN ONE \o/!

Okay, I'm off to hunt at AO3. If you have recs, please share. :)
Happy Saturday, everyone!
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I've been on a massive Sherlock kick lately. At the same time, The Hunger Games seems like the new big thing out there. Now, I haven't read the books or seen the film (yet, I'm thinking I should probably get around to that. It's pretty good, yeah?) but today, I stumbled on a Glee/THG crossover on AO3, which I read, and while reading it, I pretty much managed to completely fall in love with the whole concept. SO, (going back to where I started), now I have a MASSIVE craving for a Sherlock/THG crossover. In which Sherlock is a volonteer from District whatever (because he's utterly confident he's going to win and his normal life is just so boring) and for some reason ends up forming an alliance with John and kind of with Lestrade as well, mostly because John says so. Naturally, it would be pretty angsty and gruesome, because THG and everybody pretty much has to die, but it would be SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD. With Molly being a lot more awesome than Sherlock originally thinks. And Anderson and Donovan being themselves. And Moriarty being his usual physcho self. And the whole "playing the audience" angle! And EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS AWESOME EVER!

Seriously, I need this fic in my life. Please tell me it exists somewhere?


The Glee/THG crossover I was talking about
One of the funniest fics I've ever read in my life. Sherlock and John are forced to be on Big Brother.

ETA: There seems to be at least FIVE Sherlock/THG fics currently being posted to AO3. All WIPs. Must. Stay. Away. Until. Completed. *forces self away from keyboard*
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Happy endings! En masse! With all the best fandoms represented! There is Merlin fic! And BBC Sherlock! And X-Men FC! And Harry Potter! And a lot of other stuff as well!

I'm deeming this my new happy place.
Go check it out. And write more prompts. And fic. And stuff. :DDDD

Yay, happy endings! Yay!
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After last night's episode I'm completely craving Mark/Lexie/Jackson OT3. Fic or vids, I don't care. I just want anything and everything, and I can't find anything, which is killing me right now.

Rec's anyone? Pretty please? Come on, this is the Internet. There has to be Mark/Lexie/Jackson fic out there somewhere? Right? RIGHT?

I'd also love to read If/Then AUs (I LOVE "WHAT IF" AUS). You know, if anyone has a link to any of those.

Go, flist, go! :)))))

*sits back, crosses fingers and hopes REALLY HARD*
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Whyyyyy, whyyyyyyy can't BBC make a million episodes of this show and show them ALL THE TIME EVER? And why can't shows that do make a million episodes manage even a teeny tiny bit of the pure excellence that is this one?

Safe to say that I absolutely ADORED the last episode (so called since I have always failed spectacularly at German and have no clue how to spell its real name). My pulse is still up. Soooooo good.

Also, MOLLY! \o/

Yeah, that's about as much coherency as I can managed right now. :)
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Lots of Sherlock Holmes this week. BBC version on Monday and the Holywood version today. Meaning that even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to keep away from comparing the two.

And once again, British TV kicks Hollywood ass )

In other news, I'm reading a lot of Merlin fic atm. As well as some X-men FC and the storied posted in bandomstuffsit. Life is pretty good. :)

How are you guys doing?
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Done! And very happy with the result, if I say so myself (free wallpaper sites FTW, seriously). Having the same problem as everyone else with regards to formatting the comments, though. And have discovered that (in the layout I use as a base, at least), some things have been hard-coded into the html structure. Which is completely evil since it means the only way I'd be able to change it on the layout I have is by adding JavaScript, and LJ (to my knowledge) doesn't allow you to do that (which I guess is pretty wise since you can hack the shit out of pages with those things if you know what you're doing). Still. Grr, LJ, grrrrrrrr...

BUT, pretty new layout. Merry Christmas to me :)))) *dances around*


Dec. 24th, 2011 01:31 am
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Teaching myself the structure of LJ to make my journal prettier. About 50% done, I think. What is up with making ugly styles for the comment section? I mean, seriously, white on white? Fantastic idea. :)
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Yay, my delicious tag bundles are back! And all my tags seem to be working again too. Sweeeeet.

Meanwhile, is everyone else hanging out over at Pinboard now? Any tips for where you guys go for good recs these days?

Also, happy Halloween! What have you guys been up to?
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[ profile] jedusaur was doing this on her journal, and I posted my list there and thought I might as well cross-post. Because it's fun. (and hard. Jesus.)

Top 10 )

What are your top 10?
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Meta at its best. I think my diaphragm might be damaged from laughing too hard.
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Spent all day reading Bond by Anna Fugazzi and being absolutely thrilled. Long, complex and utterly wonderful soul bond fic set in a AU version of year 7 (it was written in 2005-2008, so going AU off GoF, pretty much, which I don't mind. At ALL). Harry/Draco and so, so good. ♥

Also, it reminded me just how much I love soul bond fics and now I want to read more. Anyone have anything to rec? Any fandom is good with me atm, but if someone has some good ones for, say, any combination of Brendon/Spencer/Ryan, some X-men FC or more Harry/Draco (or Harry/Ron! There is not enough Harry/Ron in the world), I'd be especially all over that.

Yay soul bonds, yay!


Aug. 19th, 2011 09:43 am
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M&G for Edinburgh! See you guys there. :DDD

Next step: make funny shirt to wear. I'm thinking of crossing the P!atD logo with a baby vampire.

Also, I'm really jealous of the ones of you going to the Italy show next week. SUN! And a castle. Take lot's of pics, mmkay? (Raffie, I'm looking at you. :))

Blergh, lots of rain. Do not want to go to work. *wrinkles nose*

How are you guys doing?
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Can't. Breathe. Laughing. Too. Much. :DDDDDDDDDD


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