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There was a fake link in the Ryden Coda in Crossroads for a fake fanfic. On popular demand, I wrote a story to go with it. The following is complete bad!fic parody. I am deeply sorry for my brain for coming up with this.

OMG Ryden 4ever!!! )

Um... yeah. :-D Also, if you liked this, you should really check out this Buffy bad!fic parody by [ profile] theohara, because there's just nothing funnier in the entire world.

Back to Ryden Coda
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This fic was so much fun to write. Hope you'll enjoy it as well. Please read below A/N's, they will tell you more about how this whole thing works. :-)

This is also technically a sequel/spin-off to a story I wrote a while back called The Only Difference Between Love And Friendship Is Press Coverage. You do not have to read that story to understand this one (at all). You might make different choices along the way if you have, though.

Title: Crossroads
Summary: Ryan Ross is getting married, y/n?
Length: 8,000-22,000 words depending on what paths you pick (ca 40,000 overall)
Other pairings: Ryan/Keltie (to what extent depends on your choices) Very in-the-background Jon/Cassie, Spencer/Haley, Pete/Ashlee and Pete/Patrick. A drunken Bill/Brendon kiss in one path. (go find :-))
Category: From deep pink to shades of dark black (match it with your mood)
Rating: NC-17 (Allthough there is technically a 6,25% chance to get through the story on a PG-13 level if you really try)
Warnings: None

Important info and big, big thank you's right here )

And this is where the story starts...

Link to story overview
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Lost your way? Need a map? Want to check that you didn't miss anything?
Well, here you go. :-)

This is where it all makes sense )
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It's almost, almost time to post. I'm so excited about this, it's ridiculous.
I want to go through a couple of more things before it's entirely done, however. Make sure that no links are broken and such. Before the weekend, definitely. :-D

In the meantime, though... new icon! (Photoshop = ♥)


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